Friday Already?

This week has gone by fast I feel.  I don’t even know how it got to be Friday afternoon already.  Doesn’t seem like all that much happened but I guess it did.

  • I got spit up on by a baby…twice.  We had dinner with Billy, Valerie and baby Ainsley at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in the International District Monday night and when it came my turn to hold Ainsley I got the drool and spit up associated with it.  Thankfully it was towards the end of the meal so my appetite was already gone.

    Next time I would go for about 1/10 of the szechuan peppers in my hot pot
    Next time I would go for about 1/10 of the szechuan peppers in my hot pot
  • We got two 4-mile runs in as our last runs before the half marathon on Sunday.  Feeling = miserable.  But great weather for running!
  • A better exercise activity was riding my bike to and from work on Wednesday which I have missed doing and used to do about once a week.  My ride home was beautiful, along the waterfront, past Magnolia, along the Ship Canal, on the Burke Gilman along North Lake Union and finally through the Arboretum and home.  The 12 miles was a decent workout for me though and my legs were feeling the new exercise.
  • FareStart was (thankfully!) a slower night this week but also low on volunteer servers so I did something I haven’t done in forever, I served many of my own tables.  Actually really liked keeping busy that way.  And dinner was so up my alley;  scallops, chanterelles, corn buttery goodness sauce, brussel sprouts, and a delicious chevre pound cake with figs and creme anglaise sauce.  Oh yes!
  • We have no idea what we are doing tonight but I’m about to go pick up our race packets for Sunday and I’m sure the weekend will entail something like Football, Food, and Feet-Hurting-Half-Marathon-in-the-Rain-and-Out-Of-Shape.

Something like that.  TGIF!


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