Work or Weekend

This weekend was not really a work day or a weekend day, it was a bit of both for both of us.  We both brought our work computers home and were both found working at times throughout the weekend.  Something we both needed to do but something I never like to do.  Still we had a great weekend with little public interaction and a lot of football.  We did tackle some items off of the to-do list:

  • Wrote a few thank you cards
  • Did three loads of laundry
  • Made four meals at home
  • Made our bed with new sheets
  • Cheered on our sports teams
  • Bryan got a hair cut
  • I had an at-home pedicure treatment

We also got what was going to be a 12 mile run in but we stopped to walk after 10.5 miles.  Maybe not the best sign for our race next weekend but we both needed to walk the last bit and are not at all taking the run next week super serious.  It was also hot and sunny out and Bryan wanted me to take a picture of the visible salt from sweat on his face post run (see picture below).  We went on a nice walk in the sunshine between football games on Sunday afternoon, browsing cool shops in Capitol Hill, buying a whiffle ball and bat on a whim, and getting an iced coffee to share.  And Saturday night we hit up Eastlake Bar and Grill for dinner at the bar to watch football games and I was third-wheeling it while Bryan chatted up the man next to him.

Bryan post run.
Bryan post run.

We seriously needed this weekend…though we still have much more work to do, at work and home!


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