Appointment Broke

I have gone broke from appointments.  Not literally broke but things sure can add up quickly.  This week I had another bout of appointments.  The first was my vision test to renew my license and the second was another dentist appointment to get six sealants on my molars.  Both were necessary but both were a little bit of sticker shock too.

The vision test was interesting as it was the most I ever learned about my vision condition, which I now know of it as Congenital Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH).  As Bryan has told me, I am a miracle!!  80% of the cases lose vision in both eyes.  Many cases can actually cause learning deficiencies too and many people do suffer from lack of depth perception.  Reading some people’s sob stories of their “condition” actually really annoys me because I think they are all being quite dramatic.  But it is honestly cool knowing that the condition has a name, and what that name is.  My eye doctor also told me that my condition is extremely rare, that he has never personally seen this case outside of a text book, and showed me a very eerie picture of what my two eyes look like.  Not that expensive of an appointment but I may be getting computer/reading glasses in the near future.

Something similar to what my right eye looked like...or, you know, a snapshot from a horror movie.
Something similar to what my right eye looked like…or, you know, a snapshot from a horror movie.

My dental appointment was fairly standard but aside from the $500 out-of-pocket expense, I am very grateful for getting the sealants and not having to be so paranoid about developing cavities and not as sensitive to cold and hot foods.  The appointment also only took 20 minutes.  20 minutes for 6 sealants!!!

Aside from appointments work has been out of control (which doesn’t help when you have to leave work early for appointments).  Projects are progressing well though which is good and we have another structural engineer added to the company to help with the workload.

I went on one run and only one run this week.  I ran 6 miles on Wednesday in misty weather and actually held fairly good time and did feel much better than I have on all of my other morning runs.  I still wish I had gotten out for one more run this week to build up mileage.

I visited FareStart twice this week.  I stopped by for the weekly Community Dinner to get something to eat before my dentist appointment on Wednesday.  They were cooking up Polish and it was great; halumpka (beef filled cabbage rolls), pierogies, and homemade saurkraut salad.  Bryan and I were both Captains for Guest Chef Night with the Manolin restaurant bringing a menu of:

  • Steak Tartare, Tomato, Szechuan Peppercorn, Sourdough Cracker
  • Tomato Tartare, Szechuan Peppercorn, Red Butter Lettuce, Sourdough Cracker
  • Pork Belly, Smoked Watermelon, Fukagawa Onion, Kohlrabi
  • Summer Zucchini, Hazelnuts, Basil, Pecorino with a Mole Sauce and Fried Mushrooms (veg)
  • Roast Nectarine, Red Bell Pepper, Mascarpone, Sweet Potato

The dessert was certainly the most interesting of the courses and I went with the vegetarian for once.  Thankfully our night wasn’t as late as last week.

Go Blue!

And today we had our monthly staff meeting, it’s sunny out, and I am going to run a few errands after work before settling into the weekend.  Yeah weekend and yeah football!


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