Fuel to Work and Run

This week, after both of us having finished first in a few cooking challenges, we continued to have some great luck with dinners.  On Tuesday I was back at Hipcooks to be an assistant for what would you guess…Greek!  I was excited and the recipes didn’t disappoint with a menu of:

  • The most delicious Dolma ever
  • Baba ganoush
  • Spanikopita
  • Sauteed Halloumi with capers and lemon juice
  • The best grilled veggie salad (this was the best)
  • Grape, halloumi, tarragon salad
  • Lamb chops w/ tzatziki
  • Hipcooks Baklava

However, we also had the most disruptive headache of a class ever.  THE WORST!  After I regrouped from that class, on Wednesday night I tried my first HelloFresh meal kit.  The verdict is still out on HelloFresh.  So far the Berbere Spiced Salmon with Summer Orzo Pasta Salad was plentiful in portion (more so than Blue Apron) but lacking some flavor.  I guess knowing that offers the chance of adding your own personal flavor to the meal kit (which I don’t like to do with Blue Apron meals because their dishes are already well seasoned).  Regardless, the meal was simple, I was stuffed and we both cleaned our plates.  Plus, leftover tzatziki went well with the salmon (dill!).

Thursday night we had a full house for the well-acclaimed Cafe Juanita dinner at FareStart.  We liked her meal so much last year that we ended up going to her restaurant for my birthday dinner.  Bryan had his hands full food running and I had my hands full wrangling my servers as Captain.  I think her meal was very similar to last years and no less forgettable.  We had:

First Course:  Heirloom Tomato Pappa al Pomodoro (delicious tomato bread soup)

Entree:  King Salmon, Hazelnut Aigrelette, Local Green Beans, Chanterelles  (best sauce ever)

Dessert:  Panna Cotta, Vanilla Sea Salt and Local Honey  (so so silky)

And with all that food Bryan and I had more than enough fuel to run.  We are “running” a half marathon in only two weeks which is a scary thought for me.  I at least got up and out the door twice this week to run the Arboretum; 5 miles on Tuesday and 6 miles on Thursday.

But the TV is keeping us up at night.  I think after the hiatus of TV watching for 3+ weeks we are addicts and now that we are off the jet lag we are finding ourselves not in bed until nearly midnight every night.  That will need to be fixed but we are having a good time watching Master Chef, Netflix’s Stranger Things and Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

With how busy work has been for both of us since being back and submitting 30% design for E360 today, we are definitely excited to be road-tripping with Polly and Ryu to her family’s beach house on the Oregon Coast near Tillamook, Oregon for the long weekend!


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