7 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Goingggggg to the chapel and we’reeeeeee goingggggg to get married.

Bryan has now had this song in my head for a full 24 hours…butt grab

Whoa.  And Tamara’s wedding is just one day away.  I cannot believe how fast time has flown.  It has been one crazy hectic summer but now that I have made it to this point I feel like I have made it.  I can now enjoy the preparations and the time spent with friends and family.  Plus then we have the honeymoon to enjoy!

I still had more minglings with friends before our departure this week…like nearly every night.  Monday night my company had the annual BBQ potluck post kickball game.  This year it was at Maureen’s house and I attended knowing that I would be missing out on the annual official summer BBQ in a few weeks.  There was a great turnout (probably about 25 people) with lots of food and drink and a really nice night to enjoy her patio.

I was supposed to have dinner at Polly’s on Tuesday but ran into some kinks trying to get everything wrapped up.  It was one of the days that everything went wrong.  Bryan and I met late after work for Thai food before just crashing at home.  Fortunately Wednesday was a better day even though it was another late one at work.  Mostly to catch up on things before I leave but also to finish up with the reception stationary.  I got it all done and was feeling great about what little we have left.

Thursday night was one last Guest Chef Night with the University of Washington Club as the guest chef.  We had a busy night but then enjoyed a great long dinner with our friends and several bottles of wine.  I also spent time getting hair, lashes and nails done this week, which was by no means easy to do with everything else.

I’m just wrapping up what little I am going to accomplish at work before I set out to catch up with Bryan to head to the airport.  We are both feeling good and ready, even with only 5 hours of sleep last night we were wide awake this morning.  I think everything is taken care of and if it isn’t that’s fine.  We are getting married!!!  We also have two free nights of hotel and three free meals in the next few days while we make our way up to Traverse to meet the families.  And tomorrow we get to see Tamara say “I Do!”.  I’m glad she is going first!


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