Gulp…Two Weeks

With our last weekend in Seattle to prepare for our travels and wedding done and gone we are really ticking days off of the calendar.  Thankfully we are feeling pretty good with everything because as Monday hits work has really kicked into high gear with the new project that I am on.  Like really high gear.  Thank goodness for a restful weekend with quality time spent with friends, ticking things off of the to-do list, and getting some sound sleep.

Great movie with Bryan Cranston

Friday night was the ultimate in low key.  Leftover mole with a movie and bowl of ice cream.  LBJ’s All the Way was a really intriguing movie that almost captured my full attention, almost.  Saturday morning Bryan and I had our usual banana and blueberry pancakes with bacon while tackling some items off.  We then set out for a 8.5 mile for me and a 10.5 mile run for Bryan around Lake Union and the Ballard Ship Canal.  It was great running weather and a pretty good run but you can definitely tell that neither of us are in as good of running shape as we once were.  After showers, assembling some caprese skewers, and greeting our cleaning guy (our treat for ourselves before we leave on vacation) we set out for the Dodd’s for their first attempt at brisket in their new smoker.  Andrew’s dad joined in on the meal and Tim came over later in the night.  We must have gone through 6 lbs of brisket, plenty of sides, I’m guessing six bottles of wine, and lots of good conversation and seven hours later left for home.  It was a really great and relaxing night.

Sunday morning our alarm did not wake us for church so instead we had quite the lazy morning on a beautiful day.  We spent a good hour going through all of the Miller’s photos that are now scanned to digital which was fun right before the wedding.  Bryan picked us up some Vietnamese for lunch and we enjoyed the sun in the backyard for a little while.  We finished some more errands downtown and then hurried back home to make some more dishes to take over to Tim’s apartment for Abby’s going away shindig.  Bryan helped me make some blue cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates and a chorizo and potato Spanish tortilla to go along with the wine, whiskey, and Baltimore-style crab cakes for the party.  It was another low key night with good friends that we enjoyed a lot.

Bryan's wedding planning
Bryan’s wedding planning

We are now in the homestretch in Seattle and for the wedding in general.  I just need to make it until Friday and then I think I am golden!


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