What?!?  I can’t handle this I don’t think.  Anyways, we are moving right along.  Most items seemed to be in control and I’m not feeling like things are out of control, which is good.  There was a good amount of things that were covered this week:

  • Picked up Bryan’s wedding band
  • Picked up my wedding band
  • Still working on a good tie (this is a challenge!)
  • Finally found sandals to wear with my dress!
  • Figured out a lot of my outfits for packing for Michigan and honeymoon
  • Figured out my rehearsal dinner dress
  • Figured out my Lindy hopping dress
  • Ordered the cake with design
  • Picked out decor rental pieces with Serradella
  • Designed the reception paper goods
  • Got designed paper goods printed out
  • Figured out our two readings for the ceremony and who would be doing them
  • Selected our first dance song and the other important dance songs
  • Worked through the week itinerary and olympics schedules
  • Picked up my dress, veil and skirt
  • Saw a few of my bridal shoot photos!!!

Bryan worked late on Monday night so I had some great time to work on my outfits and packing list.  Tuesday night we spent at home with pork enchiladas and vegging on the couch.  Wednesday night I had my dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned and then we continued working on the tie situation.  After mediocre success we had a fantastic mystery shop dinner at a Japanese ramen place near Northgate called Kizuki.  We stuffed ourselves with bowls of ramen, veggie tempura, takoyaki, and spinach in peanut sauce.

Thursday night I captained at FareStart while Bryan got his first stab at beverages!!!  We had a busy night too with Sazerac coming to serve their three courses of a tuna nicoise salad, grilled hangar steak with garlic-eggplant puree, roasted corn and heirloom tomatoes, and for dessert we had a rich chocolate cremeux with passionfruit gel and white chocolate coconut ganache.  Yum!!

Great summery first course salad...which I had for lunch on Friday as well.
Great summery first course salad…which I had for lunch on Friday as well.

This begins our last weekend in Seattle and we still have a good amount to do but also a lot of last times seeing friends before we leave.  We are also supposed to have spectacular weather for our last week in Seattle!


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