T-Minus 18 Days

OMG!  I cannot believe that number.  I think that I just keeping thinking about how soon Tamara’s is and then am relieved that at least mine isn’t that soon…not that it is much better.  Seriously starting to get the nervous jitters.

This weekend was Bryan’s birthday weekend as well as one of the last remaining weekends to get some stuff done before we leave Seattle.  Bryan never did tell me what we wanted to do for his actual birthday so the day was pretty impromptu, which probably Bryan enjoyed better.  He took the afternoon off to go kayaking Lake Washington with Jeff and the boys didn’t get back to the house until nearly 8 pm.  The three of us set out on foot to get Thai food at Lotus Thai a short walk from our place and were super thrilled with their fresh spring rolls and pad kee mao.  This might be our new spot!  We headed back home to have ice cream and watch a movie before Jeff headed home and I was pretty much asleep on the couch.

Saturday morning Bryan and I headed out for what was going to be a 6 mile run.  For the first time I was able to run the 6 miles without stopping but Bryan showed me up by doing 9 miles.  I had to hurry home post run to get ready for Sara’s bridal shower.  Her shower was huge and very well put together with all of her bridesmaids able to work together to host it.  The food was great but the games and presents were dull.  We spent nearly an hour and a half opening up presents until I couldn’t take it anymore.  I mainly enjoyed seeing Valerie’s new baby Ainsley for the first time.  We all took time holding the sleeping baby.

Saturday night Bryan and I set out to shop for matching ties for the groomsmen but was unsuccessful for that but we were successful in getting my simple wedding band.  We did a mystery shop dinner at Relish Burger Bistro which was a nice and casual dinner of steak and salmon before heading via scooter to the Museum of Flight for the Boeing Centennial Party.  We had tickets to the 10:45 pm light show outside which was very well put together and really cool.  We spent some time checking out the planes outside before finally setting off for home.  We really enjoyed being a part of the celebration.

Sunday morning we made it to one of the best church services we’ve had.  We headed to Macrina Bakery in Belltown for a great brunch a la mystery shopping again.  I had a great prosciutto, brie and basil omelet and Bryan had the salmon egg bialy sandwich.  Once we were full we headed home to sun and dance in our backyard.  We literally practiced our lindy hop dance in our swimsuits, sweating up a storm and spraying ourselves with a water bottle to keep cool.  But we had a blast.  We changed and headed to our actual dance rehearsal and learned our entire choreography in one session!  We are feeling pretty pumped about our dance.

Delicious brunch!
Delicious brunch!

We picked up buy one get one frozen yogurts for National Ice Cream Day and chilled out with those at home, finishing up a few wedding things before making dinner of chicken cashew stir fry and watching the exceptional movie; Spotlight.  We both found this show horribly fascinating.

Great movie but horribly depressing.
Great movie but horribly depressing.

I cannot believe we literally only have one weekend left in Seattle.  That is somewhat scary but I think we are getting ready to head out!  And someone is going to have to take care of my plants because their production is on overdrive right now!

So many green beans.
So many green beans.



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