Beastly Birthday Fun

Post Couples Shower we were quick to jump into the next big event; Bryan’s Birthday!!!  We had busy work days on Monday and spent Tuesday night with the Dodds at our summer wine club release party.  That was just a dry run at what Wednesday would entail.  We had a good time with the Dodds, sampling Novelty Hill’s new Rose, Merlot, and the Malbec and Cabernets that we received in our wine package.  There was also food aplenty with smoked chicken and pork, several salads, smoked salmon spread, a charcuterie platter monstrosity, and some serious dulce de leche brownies.  There was a live band for this one with the entire lawn opened up for seating and playing and Bryan and I got skunked a few times in ladder toss on the lawn.

But Wednesday was the highlight of the week.  Bryan and I finally got ourselves to the meat and whiskey focused establishment in the Pikes Market known as Radiator Whiskey.  The two chefs came to FareStart last year and ever since I’ve been wanting to go there for their playful and imaginative food.  Once a week on Wednesdays, however, they roast a whole 50 lb pig served a la porchetta, whole smoked pigs head, and a roast pork loin along with sides galore.  My mouth is drooling right now remembering every single thing that I put into my mouth but I think I am also still stuffed!  It was darn delicious.

For summery sides we got roasted smashed potatoes, a shaved zucchini and herb salad and sweet corn, and all of them were some of the best sides I have ever had.  Then there is their huge selection of whiskeys, which can come in the form of a cocktail or whiskey sampler.  I had to go with the Lapdance drink which was a tea infused bourbon with chocolate bitters and was awesome while Bryan tried his luck at the aged barrel Manhattan.  This whole shindig is yours if you 1.  Book months in advance and 2.  Are able to con 16 friends into joining you and sharing the feast.  We did have 16 people in total and the company, food and ambiance were fantastic!

I really think everyone had a great time and it was nice not having to worry about what to order or how to split the check.  Everyone paid a flat rate plus their drinks and I covered tax and gratuity.  There is a bonus for anyone who eats an eyeball and amazingly to me Bryan and Stephan both did it together and the pictures of this are just fantastic.  They said it wasn’t too bad and the free shot from the restaurant of Evan Williams bourbon helped it go down smoother.  The chefs even sent out fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and bowls of skittles on the house for having us wait for our drinks at the beginning of the night.  Great dinner success but oh so full of pig!  Everyone went home with leftovers too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thursday night seems ho-hum this week after such a good foodie week.  However, it shouldn’t because the exclusive Columbia Tower Club came with a great menu.  For starters we had dungeness crab salad with avocado mousse and pickled apricots, an entree of more pork loin, compressed and served with pureed cauliflower, peas and garbanzos and for dessert we enjoyed a lemon verbena sponge cake with grilled peaches, rose geranium ice cream, preserved cherries and blackberry caviar.  I hosted for the first time in awhile.  I can’t stomach much more pork though!

Today is Bryan’s official birthday and the birthday boy has not requested anything yet.  Our friend Jeff is also most likely joining us for the night and maybe will accompany Bryan on a hike tomorrow.  Plans are still up in the air but will probably being doing something low key and relaxing for the night.

Happy Birthday Bryan!!!


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