One Month

Fun had everyday this week and now we have a long weekend to kick it somewhere!  And we just keep trudging through the days and are now into July which is crazy because that means that August and the month of the wedding and honeymoon are practically here…ahhh!!!

So Monday I played kicks with the coworkers at our first kickball game of the season.  The Los Locos lost but in a close game and a near comeback on our part which is almost unheard of for us most of the time.  I biked to work and to and from the game which was a nice ride in the 80 degree weather we’ve had nearly all week.  I also grabbed lunch and dinner along the waterfront and used a Chinook book coupon to try Honest Biscuits located in the Market.  Their biscuit was ginormous and I got the fried chicken sandwich with a kale salad and iced coffee to enjoy on the Harbor Steps away from the crowds of tourists.

Tuesday was the second Mariners game of the season for Bryan and I with my company’s tickets.  We invited friends but a last minute hiccup in plans had us flying solo for the night.  We didn’t mind though and I ended up selling the other two tickets (for cheap) so at least we got a free dinner and beer.  We each got the fish tacos from The Pen this time.  The (rich) folks that ended up buying my tickets from the scalper also bought us each double-strength moscow mules.  The Mariners have been struggling but they fortunately pulled out a win against the Pirates with some exciting hitting.

Nice night for a ball game.
Nice night for a ball game.

Wednesday was the epic annual Guest Chef Night FareStart volunteer dinner.  Okay, it’s never epic but it is a running joke in our circle because the Board Members wine and dine us and ask us input on how to run things at GCN and then package those up and store them somewhere deep where they forget about them.  But, hey, we are always looking for a good reason to hang with our FareStart friends, and free food and wine at that.

Thursday we were back at FareStart, YEAH!!!  I missed it so and it was only one week we missed.  But we only have four left before we are gone for a while so I will cherish every single one of them.  It was a good week too with Pomegranate Bistro serving up a corn and couscous salad, pistachio and pine nut crusted halibut with potato confit and watercress (this was delicious), and a berry shortcake (might have had two).  For a sold out night we actually did pretty good getting out of there before 10 pm.

Summery fresh.
Summery fresh.

Our plan tonight is to figure out where we are going this weekend.  We’ve had great weather but the snow is still fairly low so we will see where that takes us.  Our plan is to probably head out in the morning to avoid traffic and be gone for two nights somewhere in the mountains.  We will be back on the 4th for the Dodd’s 4th of July Party.

I love long weekends!!



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