Four Days

Let me just state that all weeks should be four day work weeks.  That’s all.  I love them so much.  So yes, this week Bryan and I had a short week at work with our planned trip to Chicago having us take Friday off of work, although we are both flexing the time to keep saving up for vacation days.  So how did the week treat us?

Monday:  The last week of Lindy Hop 2a dance class was super fun but SUPER hot with our high of 86 degrees out and even warmer instead the dance studio.  After class the two of us drove to Bing’s for their late night happy hour where we got honey sriracha brussel sprouts, brisket sliders, fish tacos, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, sweet potato fries and a beer for $27!!  Moving onto Lindy Hop 2b.

Tuesday:  Seattle’s day of giving in the form of GiveBig and the Seattle Foundation led to our first donation to FareStart and celebrating afterwards with them at a happy hour at their restaurant with free appetizers, free tastings of Westland whiskey (out of SODO) and raffling off prizes where I actually won lunch for two at the FareStart restaurant!  We wrapped up happy hour and headed home to find our new bar cabinet waiting for us on the doorstep, which we had to happily assemble.  We love our new bar cabinet!!  Takes up little space and stores all of our booze and glasses.  Training:  4 Mile Run

Our brand new bar cabinet.
Our brand new bar cabinet.

Wednesday:  I spent Wednesday night working late to help with flexing my time.  I also biked to work so I enjoyed my long ride home, even going so far north as around Greenlake this time.  I took a quick break at work to have dinner at FareStart’s community dinner where I got to know some more students a little better.  Something I do really enjoy doing.  Training:  40 Minutes Cross-Training (bike for me, row for Bryan)

Thursday:  Our usual Thursday with work followed by a night at FareStart.  Both Bryan and I were food running with a stellar team and one of our favorite restaurant’s, Tutta Bella, cooking a meal of not-their-usual pizza but instead a fantastic salad, swordfish, and cannolis!  We headed home after FareStart to grab our bags and head out for the airport for our red-eye flight to Chicago!  Training:  4 Mile Run

Holy cannoli!
Holy cannoli!

Begin the weekend!


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