Date Nights

A week’s errands and some time apart during the week led to a wonderful weekend full of DATE NIGHTS!!!

  • I got a free haircut at Rudy’s Barbershop on Capitol Hill offering free long layered hairstyles!!  I THINK I like my hair but it seems not long now.  I for the life of me cannot get my hair uber long before I get annoyed with it.  Also, finally got my eyebrows cleaned up.  Thank goodness!
  • Bryan and I had our first dance class for Lindy Hop 2a Monday night.  We learned a very risky move, definitely risky, not risque!
  • We spent Sunday afternoon trying on grooms suits in several stores and looking at Bryan’s options for wedding bands.  I think we were pretty successful in what we found.  All transportation on Sunday was performed by scooter.
  • I celebrated Ewelina’s birthday with her on Tuesday at The Masonry in Lower Queen Anne with delicious brick-oven pizza and beer.  I then locked myself out of the house and couldn’t break in this time (good and bad) so I had to jet off to work for my key = not fun!
  • FareStart featured the Seattle Restaurant of the Year chef from Stateside with a Vietnamese influenced menu of a fantastic shrimp papaya salad, lamb and pumpkin curry, and a creme fraiche cheesecake with lychee snow.  Very good meal and smooth night.
  • We headed back to our only favorite restaurant on the Eastside at Bin on the Lake for sunset views and super delicious food again.  This time we tried the first-of-the-season halibut with a pesto and roasted fingerling potatoes and chard, a split grilled lobster tail, a grilled romaine salad, a repeat of their caramelized cauliflower with dates and chocolate EVOO, and a milk chocolate malted mousse with brandied cherries.  Our entrees took awhile so we each got a moscow mule (with bourbon) on the house by our sneaky waiter while we were watching the gorgeous sunset and the fisherman on the dock snagging countless trout.  We weren’t peeved about the wait at all but the mules still went down pretty easily.
  • I had a staff meeting at work on Friday and held my first interviews for intern candidates nearly every day this week.  Determination = I don’t like participating in interviews.
  • I tried to work my way through taxes.  This is the first year that taxes have actually been confusing to me and make me feel dumb.  😦
  • Bryan and I packed a picnic in the Arboretum on Friday after a week’s worth of work to enjoy the glorious weather we are having, hello nearly 80 degree temps!  We brought a bottle of our Novelty Hill wine and packed our picnic backpack with complimentary foods for dinner.  We stopped at Essential Baking Company on the way for some of the best rosemary bread we’ve ever had (and finished in one night).  After the sun had set we continued our walk to visit Polly at the house she was house-sitting, chatted for awhile, finished the wine, then continued walking to the UW stadium to catch the light rail (!!!) to the Capitol Hill Station, walked to get Menchie’s $5-fill-up-your-cup for sugar coma, and then walked home in said sugar coma.
  • We continued our half marathon training with a 6 mile run on Saturday and printed out our training schedules for the next 10 weeks.  Oh boy…still have yet to sign up for the actual race.

    His and hers pre-run breakfast of champions.
    His and hers pre-run breakfast of champions.
  • Enjoyed the Carlile Room after church on Sunday for the start of Seattle Restaurant Week.  $15 for two very filling and delicious courses at this restaurant is oh-so-worth it.  I had the turkey kale caesar with fried chickpeas and Bryan had the hangar steak salad with avocado, bacon and a pickled egg.  Our second course was dessert of a strawberry rhubarb brown betty with vanilla gelato and a fried cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.

It was a very wonderful weekend and a really refreshing glimpse into spring and summer for us.


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