Opposite of Spring Cleaning

Okay, well yes, I did purge my closet of a lot of clothes this winter and took them to Goodwill and to the ladies clothing swap, but in reality that is only to make room for new stuff, right?!?  Yes, and I have done great at that.  But actually I think I have done pretty good sticking to things I actually need, and more or less getting a good deal while I’m at it.

Shopping List:

  1. Some amazing new brown leather boots to replace my clearance-priced $25 boots that I bought at Urban Outfitters 10 years ago.  Say hello to my new Frye’s.

    Frye's Phillip Harness Riding Boots!!
    Frye’s Phillip Harness Riding Boots!!
  2. An 80-lb pack for our summer backpacking trips.  My old pack is just not big enough for anything more than a day, according to Bryan, so I finally fixed that and got a stellar deal on a new beautiful large pack off of Woot.

  3. Compression socks to better keep my feet happy in all things adventure.

  4. LOTS of new earrings.  I don’t know how it happened but literally all but three pairs of earrings are missing.  I have a lot of lone earrings without their pair and it just got to the point that I was so frustrated I bought some huge packs from H&M for cheap that I actually love.  Boy have I needed some new studs for a while.
  5. Seed starting tray and pack of vegetable seeds, as I have exhibited in many of photos for seed starting progression.  Last year was not the most successful year for me in terms of gardening.  I am not sure why I needed the hiatus but I did and now I am back with a vengeance.  My coworker has been particularly motivating in getting me back into gardening so I have decided to start some vegetables indoors and will wait about another month to plant the rest directly in the ground.  Here’s to hopefully a blooming garden this summer.

    Peat seed starting amazingness
    Peat seed starting amazingness
  6. Hair care galore.  Ever since having my hair done by the Ouidad specialist right before our engagement photos I have been questioning whether or not I should invest in some Ouidad hair products or stick with my Aveda Be Curly.  Well now I have both but I have mostly the whole line of the Ouidad products and I love them!!  I do think they are countering frizz and moisturizing my hair better.
  7. Two awesome and sleek lightweight sweaters from Zara in two colors.  Yes, two of the same sweater in two colors because they fit that well and I know I am going to get so much use out of them.

    Love. This. Sweater.
    Love. This. Sweater.
  8. New black riding pants (aka leggings).  Can’t ever have too much of these and specially ones that you trust aren’t too thin or see-through.
  9. We are having a desk custom-made for us using reclaimed Boeing pallets from Ballard Reuse.  Pretty excited to get this.  First piece of furniture we’ve bought since the new bed and before that it was probably my dining room table four years ago.
    Will look like this but deeper and with hairpin legs instead of the steel pipes.
    Will look like this but deeper and with hairpin legs instead of the steel pipes.


  10. A new almond colored purse to fit more into spring weather and hold more stuff!!!

    Excited to get this.
    Excited to get this.
  11. And don’t even ask Bryan what all new things he has added to his collections and hobbies 🙂


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