The Weekly Blues

That blue being of the sun.  Yes!  It came out this week…and it stayed out.  Monday through Friday we had sunny skies to make me squint at work and to follow me on my walks to and fro.  In the short week that exhausted between visitors and leaving for Big White to ski in Canada we managed a lot:

  1. First week of our second series of dance class.  Bryan was even so lucky to dance with Amanda Knox!
  2. Belated Valentine’s Day dinner at the Capital Grille, a la mystery shopping.  Calamari, caprese salad, two very rare steaks (not to my liking), and sealed with an apple cobbler I was donezo.
    Bryan's New York strip.
    Bryan’s New York strip.

    My sliced filet.
    My sliced filet.
  3. A short run for me along the waterfront during a workday.
  4. FareStart with Skillet for some chicken and waffles, roasted carrots and chocolate pie in a bowl.

    Actually some of the best chicken I have ever had.
    Actually some of the best chicken I have ever had.
  5. One dinner at home for the two of us while we also did…
  6. Lots of laundry
  7. Lots of shopping for the ski trip
  8. Bryan made cookie dough for the ski trip
  9. Packing our bags
  10. And off we go to British Columbia for a long weekend!!!!


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