Not the Norm

Both Bryan and I have gone through the ringer this week with both of us falling ill to bad colds, feverish symptoms, and being super tired.  For me it was pretty much Saturday morning through Tuesday night now moving into just sinus stuff.  For Bryan it’s been Tuesday morning up until now.  Bryan got to use a few sick days while I got to whittle away my weekend.


Nevertheless, hopefully the bad stuff has passed and blue skies (seriously!) are up ahead.  And as Bryan phrased it, being sick really just means “you are passing time”.  And its funny how different your life is while even just having a cold.  Like…

  1. All noises sound so slow to me
  2. I actually am thirsty for JUST water all of the time
  3. Sleeping is a chore with the heavy breathing and the clogged up nose
  4. Simple tasks like walking up a hill or flight of stairs literally fatigue me
  5. Work is impossible, progress reduces to about a fifth of typical productivity
  6. Taste and hunger cues are off, non-existent, or certainly muted
  7. That might be closely associate to a loss of smell
  8. You look like Rudolph 90% of the time because of your nose going raw from blowing it all the time
  9. My eyes water like crazy so it actually looks like I am constantly crying…I stop wearing mascara
  10. Work seems so mundane
  11. I find myself wanting comfort foods and sugar
  12. Though those items still don’t taste nearly as good as they normally do
  13. You inevitably feel like your life has come to an end and there is no hope for you…you generally just get very dramatic
  14. You forget that you have friends because you never see them
  15. You excuse yourself every time you talk to someone because you know how weird you sound

    Medicine by Ray's
    Medicine by Ray’s

So, yeah, it’s been one of those kinds of weeks.  Aside from our great date night on Monday night the rest of the week has been spent resting up.  I was well enough by Thursday to food run at FareStart for Ray’s Boathouse which was a pretty epic meal and with a peanut butter chocolate mousse bomb dessert and I was lucky enough to get Bryan’s homemade chocolate chip cookies (a la in the form of pizookie) made in our new Kitchen Aid (that baked up perfectly in our new little Spanish tapas dishes) to comfort me on Tuesday night.  Otherwise it’s just been a rainy week in January.


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