All Set and Ready

I feel like this past year I have had a billion to-do’s in my head, always there, not always present.  Of course, the days and weeks leading up to Christmas there are always more; presents to buy, plane tickets to purchase, friends to see, etc.  On top of this Christmas we had:  how do we get from Point A to Point B, what do we want to do for wedding tastings, why didn’t we buy flights sooner?  But in all of that crazy-making in my head we have actually got a lot done!

  1. Purchased Christmas presents actually early
  2. Booked a menu tasting appointment
  3. Booked a cake tasting appointment and picked out our flavors
  4. Booked a hotel for a one night stay in Traverse City
  5. Booked the event rentals
  6. Booked the design rentals
  7. Picked the florist (?)
  8. Booked another cottage for our friends
  9. Assigned friend groups to cottages
  10. Purchased flights for Christmas
  11. Reorganized the kitchen and pantry
  12. First time shop for grooms suits

I’ll be glad when I can slow down from going a mile a minute and just enjoy time with family and friends this holiday season and luckily that’s less than a week away!!!


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