It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

…But still a little bit like Thanksgiving too.

This week back from our trip to Arizona has been a socially busy one that has started to get us more in the holiday spirit.  We had essentially two completely free day to ourselves right when we got back that prepped us for the full week in front of us.

And then the fun began…

Wednesday night I attended the annual FareStart Holiday Party at their downtown restaurant.  For one night every year they open their doors to the whole FareStart community and the current chefs and students make a very expansive holiday dinner of a carving station prime rib, carved turkey, roasted fall vegetables, salads, and a winter dessert.  This year they also had a pasta bar with our friend Chef Drew’s amazing meatballs!  I feasted with guest chef night volunteers while we enjoyed the jazz band playing holiday tunes.  It was nice having a great meal with friends.

Thursday and Friday was more time spent with the FareStart crew.  Thursday night was the Whole Foods guest chef and they made an excellent meal of grilled sugarcane prawns and scallops with a sweet potato wonton, a Thai spin on seabass with coconut purple sweet potato mash and stirfried veggies and a trio of crisps and creams for dessert.  Friday night was Andrew and Angela’s hosted Friendsgiving.  They supplied the most perfect 20lb turkey you could ask for, stuffing and potato gratin and we all brought a side.  We had creamed brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin spoonbread, a kale salad, and I brought the fresh green bean casserole to represent the Midwest.  We also had some fabulous pies and tarts for dessert and of course several bottles of wine and whiskey to go around.  It was a very fun dinner and great to continue the holidays with friends.  We left “stuffed and drunk” according to Bryan.

I thought the casserole came out great with sauteed mushrooms and fresh fried onions on top.
I thought the casserole came out great with sauteed mushrooms and fresh fried onions on top.
The whiskey we brought for Friday night's dinner.
The whiskey we brought for Friday night’s dinner.

Saturday morning we watched Texas beat Baylor, I had an impromptu facial done by Dr. Gross and then we got our tree!  We decorated and broke out old and new Christmas decorations for around the house.  Saturday night we had Philipp’s 30th Birthday Party to attend at their house.  We were to dress to impress and we had cake, strong negronis to drink and cigars to truly celebrate classy.  It was a great party and time with those friends and I think that Philipp truly enjoyed the party.

Polly, Carina and I at Philipp's party
Polly, Carina and I at Philipp’s party

Sunday night was essentially date night for Bryan and I.  We woke late and made brunch while watching the wonderful Seahawks game.  We got to venture outside for the first time in forever to go for our run.  Later that night we had our Seattle Rep show to attend so we got dinner at a new Korean restaurant beforehand.  The show was Come From Away and it was both of our favorite show we have seen there yet.  We talked about it the whole way home and I’m still thinking about it today.  And it is always best when you can come home on a rainy night to turn on the tree lights, start the fire, and curl up on the couch in the glow of the lights.

Come From Away at the Seattle Rep
Come From Away at the Seattle Rep


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