The weekend was unbelievably a good weekend despite things just not going my way.  I feel like I need maybe a month free of football to get over this weekend but alas, Seahawks play their rival as early as Thursday!  Ugh.  Regardless, the weekend was a mix of friends and relaxation in addition to the football and was quite enjoyed by Bryan and I.

Saturday morning Bryan and I went for a run (a good thing since the entire rest of the weekend revolved around food and football).  We had to quickly shower and prep some snacks for Luis, Carina, Mark and Jeff who were coming over to watch the big MSU vs. Michigan game at our house.  Since I was not planning to host the game until the night before I threw whatever I had on the table for people to eat.  Thus our spread were buffalo chicken wings, hummus, pita and veg, sweet potato fries, and chips and salsa.  Seemed to do though.  The game was a clincher throughout and we were all nervous but it really was an awful feeling losing in the final seconds when we had been ahead the whole game.  I don’t think many Spartan fans realize they were losing to us the whole game long.  Anyways, Friends #1 left and Bryan and I had some time to relax, recover and then get ready for Friends #2.


Saturday night we had Billy and Valerie over for dinner since we hadn’t seen either of them in ages and Valerie’s birthday was Sunday.  I made a pretty great dinner that was also pretty greatly easy to make.  I did a tarragon and mustard roasted chicken served with a mustard cream sauce and roasted potatoes that I served along with a salad.  The thing I was most pleased about though would be the cot de creme that I made for dessert based off of my last French cooking class.  These I made with nutella though instead of a chocolate bar and they came out so, so tasty!  But they are so simple to make!!!  It was great catching up with them and we need to see them more often!

Really good roast chicken!
Really good roast chicken!
Make these, eat these!
Make these, eat these!

Sunday morning we woke up super tired from much drinking the day before and one dreary day ahead of us.  It was dark and misty the whole day long.  We had a registry event to go to at Crate and Barrel though so that got us going earlier than we both would have liked.  The Crate and Barrel event was good to go though as I handed Bryan the scanner and we walked around the store figuring out what we need and discussing what we liked and disliked.  We also received samples of amazing espresso drinks, waffles, and a spread of fruits, baked goods, and chicken salad sandwiches.  We have a short list from Crate and Barrel but we think they are some good picks and we still have an event at Macy’s this week to round out our selections.  We spent the afternoon at home watching the Seahawks play an identical game to the Wolverines, leading the entire game and then losing in the final seconds.  Hurrah!  We assembled our Save the Dates, hurrah!  Then we decided we needed to get out of the house so we went to Eastlake Bar and Grill for happy hour and to watch the first half of the Colts vs. Patriots.  I demolished the crispy cauliflower, chop chop salad and Bryan’s sweet potato fries so apparently I was pretty hungry.  We watched the second half at home before buying Inside Out to watch and thoroughly enjoyed it!


Back to work and we have a fairly busy week ahead of us but I feel pretty rested from the weekend!  Oh, and sugar cookies are all gone…bummer!


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