Full Circle Repeat

I’ve tried another box from the CSA, Full Circle and boy did I get a fair share amount of healthy and fresh produce delivered to my doorstep early Wednesday morning.  Here’s what came in this huge box:

  • Zucchini, Organic – 1 pound
  • Cremini Mushrooms, Organic – 0.4 pound
  • Cucumbers, Organic – 1 each
  • Baby Spinach, Organic – 0.33 pound
  • Red Bell Peppers, Organic – 1 each
  • Mixed Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Organic – 1 pint
  • Green Leaf Lettuce, Organic – 1 each
  • Rainbow Chard, Organic – 1 bunch
  • Gala Apples, Organic – 2 each
  • Ataulfo Mangos, Organic – 2 each
  • Green Kale, Organic – 1 bunch
  • Sweet Baby Broccoli, Organic

And it’s always fun for me to sweet what I can put together with those items.  I did a pretty good job!  Take a look:

  • Salad with goat cheese, gala apples, and walnuts
  • Chicken mango mazza (like Annapurna) with mango, zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, carrot, and red bell pepper
  • Sauteed rainbow chard with farro
  • Kale caesar salad with homemade sourdough croutons, homemade yogurt caesar dressing, baby tomatoes and pickled shallots (that I took the Game of Thrones premiere party)
  • Beef lasagna with zucchini, spinach, red peppers, mushrooms and a bechamel sauce and a side of garlic baby broccoli (This was my first time ever making lasagna and it came out so good!  I made a beef and veggiebolognese sauce and a bechamel sauce in lieu of ricotta like my friend Marika makes hers)


In addition, this week included the 2nd Game of Thrones watching party with friends (I made chocolate peanut butter brownies), a Seattle wedding showcase at the SODO Foundry with Bryan (got to look around at a bunch of different wedding styles and eat some super gourmet food and drink), FareStart featuring the Washington Convention Center with:

First Course
Sweet Onion-Tomato Tart, Organic Arugula Salad

Pan Seared Spring King Salmon, Chermoula Relish, Smashed Potatoes

Mascarpone Mousse, StrawberryCoulis, RhubarbCompote

That would be me on the right in the back looking in pain when I was trying to bite the end of my stick.
That would be me on the right in the back looking in pain when I was trying to bite the end of my stick.

Friday night we made a trek to east Renton for Mark’s birthday party.  Mark rented out one of the two ice rinks at the Sno-King in Renton for Birthday Broomball at 8:45pm and Bryan and I grabbed dinner with Mark, Polly, David and Tina ahead of time at the neighboring bar, Doofer’s (you know you are outside of the city when the bar is named Doofer’s!).  We had a blast although I was severely afraid of injuring myself on the ice but I sucked it up and was definitely the best girl.  We got drinks after the game at Doofer’s before heading home so tired.thunderball you only live twice

Saturday and Sunday we had absolutely NO major plans.  It was glorious!  We slept in until 11 on Saturday, had brunch of pancakes and eggs at home at 1pm, went for a 6.5 mile run on Lake Washington and around Seward Park and then grilled steaks and watched two more Bond movies; Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.  Sunday we made it to church, ate leftover lasagna while frantically reading our small group’s reading assignment, spent an hour in the front yard weeding (it looks really good now!), and then headed out for small group in Ballard and then over to Polly’s for dinner afterwards.  Polly was so sweet and made us a delicious dinner of roasted pork with a gravy and figs, roasted vegetables (that I brought over) and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  We talked a good deal over wine and headed home around 10pm.  We needed this weekend!


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