Date Nights

After our spree of visitors, it was nice to have some one on ones with some people I love.  I had a few date nights this week that were glorious.

Date night for Seattle Restaurant Week at the unique Poppy in Capitol Hill.  A place I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time.  The Seattle Restaurant Week menu had several delicious options and Poppy is already known for their “thalis” which are essentially a platter with a main course/protein and then several accompanying salads, pickles, starches, and naan to enjoy.  Got to love it when your main course gives you seven different things on one plate!  Here is what we tried:

To Start:

hot and numbing potato dumplings with peanut and cilantro

herbed rabbit sausage with tart cherries and glazed shallots

Nice and spicy potato dumplings.
Nice and spicy potato dumplings.

For Mains:

Bryan’s Thali:  red braised pork shoulder with kohlrabi slaw with cauliflower sesame soup, kohlrabi, cucumber and yogurt salad, snap peas in peppermint butter, herbed black eyed peas, carrot lemon pickle, nigella-poppy naan

Chelsea’s Thali:  sturgeon with leeks, smithfield ham, ginger, saffron and chickpea mash, red pepper, apricot and walnut soup, radish, dill and charred scallion salad, brussels sprouts with caraway, roasted asparagus with sage and lemon, shaved burdock, nigella-poppy naan

The main entree sturgeon with ham over chickpea mash.
The main entree sturgeon with ham over chickpea mash.


The whole shebang!
The whole shebang!

Something Sweet:

chocolate malt sundae

chocolate hazelnut brulee, spice cake, candied orange

Freaking amazing creme brulee!
Freaking amazing creme brulee!

Everything was just amazing.  I seriously loved every single thing placed in front of me and Bryan did his too.  The housemade rabbit sausage with the cherries was delicious.  My fish was so perfectly cooked and was really complemented with the chickpea mash.  The asparagus and brussel sprouts were delicious and just enough for a good tasting.  The pickled salads were also amazing and the naan was perfect.  But boy or boy was that chocolate hazlenut brulee insane.  Freaking loved it!  We were literally stuffed to the gills and it was a perfect rainy night to stay inside and enjoy a nice dinner together.

Date night with my home girl Marika for dinner and a movie.  We actually just ended up sharing my leftover delicious pasta from the weekend with a salad we made and then went to the free movie screening of True Story, featuring James Franco, Jonah Hill, and Felicity Jones.  Excellent movie and excellent company!

Quite dinner at home with the boy who slept from 7-8:30 when I woke him up for dinner and then fell promptly back to sleep at 9.  But my take on the mango mazza like Annapurna’s turned out really well!

Chicken and vegetable mango curry.
Chicken and vegetable mango curry.

 Thursday night we had our usual weekly outing at FareStart for a three course dinner.  Friend date night!  This week was the fancy Salish Lodge and Spa from Snoqualmie Resort and they made us one delicious dinner (seriously one of the better ones that couldn’t have been better from beginning to end, I love scallops, I love halibut and expensive mushrooms and I especially love peanut butter and chocolate anythings) of:

First Course
Green Asparagus Soup
Cooked and Raw Scallop, Fresh Ginger, Toasted Almonds

Pan Roasted New Season Halibut
Green Garlic Bisque, Fava Beans, Spring Oregon Morels, New Season Jersey Royal Potatoes

Halibut with favas, morels, potatoes and a luscious sauce!
Halibut with favas, morels, potatoes and a luscious sauce!

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart
Caramel Corn, Toasted Fluff, Peanut Butter Brittle

And Friday bike ride to and from work and an anticipated date night of middleeastern takeout food and studying up and packing for our sailing class.  Bon voyage!


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