Guests Continued…

Well, we have certainly had the full week of guests.  A day after Mom had to say goodbye we welcomed Katie and Geary from Phoenix into our home for two nights, then had one night free (well, free meaning at FareStart the whole night), followed by a visit from Bryan’s friend from L.A., Patti, for one night.  It’s been a great week with friends and family but we are sure looking at having a little quiet time now (yeah right, huh?).

Katie and Geary didn’t fly into Seattle until 8:30pm on Tuesday night.  Unfortunately, the airline lost Geary’s bag so we waited at the airport a full hour hoping that it was going to come on another plane.  It didn’t (he got it back the next day).  We finally got to pick up the couple and hightailed it back to the city for a very late dinner at Neighbor Lady (we still hadn’t eaten dinner and they only had a few snacks before their flight).  I got the salmon plate again and Bryan tried the chicken thigh and gnocchi dish and both were great, per usual.  We called it a night after dinner, being that it was already 11pm.

Katie and Geary’s visit concluded really for us on Wednesday night.  We had an absolutely beautiful day for them to explore on their own.  After work, Bryan and I met them at our house before heading to Eastlake Bar and Grill to dine on their deck overlooking Lake Union and the beautiful sunset skies.  I had the Deschutes Black Butte porter and tried their new Manny’s Chicken Salad.  We picked up Yeti Yogurt for dessert to take home and talked with them at length on the couch.  They are a really great couple and very talkative.  We enjoyed their stay and it actually seemed very short since we did not really get to spend much time with them (but that was kind of nice too).

The patio is open!
The patio is open!

FareStart’s dinner was great on Thursday, featuring the Italian restaurant Il Fornaio with a lobster and saffron bisque, king salmon wrapped asparagus over polenta with a tomato caper artichoke sauce, and a delicious fruit tart for dessert.  Early night with less than 100 guests dining in.

Delicious salmon...and fantastic dinner.
Delicious salmon…and fantastic dinner.

And lastly Bryan’s friend, Patti, came to Seattle for an interview with Microsoft on Friday.  It would be awesome if she moved to Seattle!!  This was my first time meeting Patti and I really liked her.  She is sweet and smart and we had a great Friday night with an intimate and delicious dinner at Ti22 (again!) and then headed back home to drink so it was raining cats and dogs in Seattle.  She spent Friday night with us and Saturday morning we made her our hatch chile breakfast scramble, went for a 6-mile run on Lake Washington and around Seward Park, took her to explore Pike Market, seeking out all of the samples to try and splitting a marionberry yogurt from Ellenos Greek Yogurt and then getting a light bite to eat at Maximillien’s to take in the view of the Sound.  Shortly after that we headed back home to say good bye to Patti and enjoy the night in by ourselves.  I used the harissa pasta Chad gifted us to make a tomato cream sauce and shrimp pasta and we watched old SNL episodes in the luxury of our own home.

Because we wanted a chance to finally lounge and sleep in, we skipped church on Sunday and instead partook in a delicious breakfast at home of Bryan’s banana pancakes with leftover ham and egg scramble, did our exercises for the week and then finally made it out of the house to attend our small group followed by the premiere of Game of Thrones at Luis and Carina’s house with a full potluck dinner.  Small group was surprisingly very enjoyable and the Game of Thrones episode was boring in my opinion but the roast chicken, meat pies, and everything else at our feast was quite delicious!  A very enjoyable Sunday.


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