Spring Cleaning 2015 Edition

I have jumped into spring cleaning full force.  I didn’t realize that was what my motivation to organize and clean has been the past few weeks but now I know.  This past weekend with the super rainy Sunday and cloudy Saturday I got to finally dive into my spring cleaning project.  At least Phase One of it.  I have a list of all of the To-Do items on the refrigerator now so I still have some work to do.spring cleaning

Bathrooms:  These are my least favorite project ever but they are also one of those things that you just cannot set aside too long.  And that we did.  Tuesday after my FareStart party, I don’t know if it was my tipsy self or another influence, I scrubbed and cleaned all three bathrooms.  This included cleaning the toilet bowl, the toilet, the sink and counters, and the floors.  I had flashbacks into my childhood when my “chore of the week” were the almighty bathrooms.  Ahh, deja vu.

IKEA shop:  Bryan was kind enough to suggest an IKEA outing on Saturday without me even asking.  I needed mainly storage items for my planned projects and of course there were a few random items thrown in for good measure.  But we only ended up spending $106 so you could do a whole lot worse at IKEA.  Our items of purchase were:

  • Two 20″x20″ pillows
  • Two yellow pillow covers
  • Two black bins for misc items/storage
  • Splatter screen ($1.50)
  • Spaghetti scoop (have no idea where this went)
  • Seven glass canisters with lids (now storing spaghetti, rotini, lentils, rice, quinoa, oats, and farro on our counter top)
  • Gardening gloves (lost mine in the move)
  • Candle stand (which I am going to turn into a cake stand)

Kitchen:  This was my real project of the weekend.  I actually made a plan sheet of the kitchen, on 11″x17″ even, where everything was going to be moved to.  It took me four whole hours to complete.  This included filling the new glass canisters, throwing away old food, moving dishes, servingware, snack food to logical places, cleaning the insides of the cabinets, and making sure all of our dishes were clean because we have a crappy dishwasher.  I also hung up a rack to hang coffee mugs and I hung up a wine glass rack on the underside of the cabinets.  I already feel like I have a lot more counterspace to work with.  I’m happy with the outcome.  I still have to hang the spice rack that is supposed to come today and organize all of our spices.

Living room:  Other than vacuuming (that I am pretty anal at doing weekly), I organized the bookshelf a bit more and cleaned the ottoman that we inevitably let get too cluttered and dirty throughout the week.  I also love our new pillows for the couch and might need to get two more if I can find some that would go well with them.  And I finally disposed of our Seahawks flowers though I saved the pretty vase and added new flowers to brighten up the living room.

Bedroom:  I don’t know what to do with that flipping weird shelf/ledge in our bedroom.


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