Lent Success

This Lent season I decided to do a few things that fortunately for Bryan meant that he has to follow along with them too, you know, to show his support and everything.  There were three things that I set out for myself during Lent:

  1. No TV before 8pm (and none after noon on the weekends)
  2. No ice cream during the week
  3. Brush my teeth before bedtimenotv

We have done really good so far and it has actually been very easy.  We have been so super busy during the weeks it seems that we haven’t really even had the chance to turn the TV on before 8pm.  Most nights its been much later than that when we do turn on the TV.  The ice cream during the week was not a “CANNOT EAT ICE CREAM” but more something to expand our dessert options in satisfying our sweet tooth.  Giving up ice cream during the week makes it even more special on the weekend and has also led to me making chocolate pudding on a few nights, a peanut butter pie, and am looking at banana bread recipes.  The brushing the teeth before bed is a different story.  There have been a total of 2 nights were Bryan has literally trapped me in the bathroom and has not let me out before forcing me to brush my teeth.  These are the only two nights that I have actually done the deed before bed.  I’ll get better at it, baby steps.

So far so good.


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