Somethings New

It has been a while since I have written about any new purchases, but that is not for lack of online shopping.  Especially since Bryan has become an avid Amazon purchaser.  Let’s take a look at some of the new items I have around the house that I’m quite please with:

  1. Pink snowpants...Now I’m probably not going to get to wear them until next winter, and hopefully we have some good snow next year, but these are hot pink, insulated, flexible material, comfortable, and have velcro at the waist to tighten or loosen.pants
  2. Brown long raincoat...I’ve had a gray cheap coat from Forever 21 for at least 5 years and I have a white rain jacket that has gotten so dirty I don’t like wearing it around town anymore.  Even though I haven’t gotten a chance to wear it in the rain yet I LOVE my new raincoat.  It has a subtle pattern to it, is the perfect color brown for my hair, purse, and normal attire (I’m more of a brown girl than a black girl), and it has a belt to create shape.  Plus a hood and long length to keep me nice and dry when the rain does come.  Bryan loves it and I’ve gotten several other compliments about it already.  Half price on Steapandcheap.com.coat
  3. Salt and pepper grinders…At my last cooking class I purchased some new black pepper berries and coarse sea salt but didn’t realize that we would need some 1st class salt and pepper grinders.  To Bryan, he takes his salt and pepper very seriously.  We looked at some at Sur La Table in the market last weekend but ended up ordering the exquisite Peugeot salt and pepper grinder duo and already love them.  They grind so well, we made sure they had a steel grinder versus the usual plastic grinders, and they are super classy looking.  Great buy!contemporary-salt-and-pepper-shakers-and-mills
  4. More Than Gourmet Glace de Poulet Chicken Stock…now two of my two classes at ChefShop have used this chicken stock and both times they have talked about all of its awesomeness.  I was going to get it there but my friend snagged the last one in the store so I ordered mine on Amazon.  This stuff is gold.  Its just like your boxed chicken stock but it has a richer, bolder taste, is completely salt-free so you can really adjust the salt level of dishes to your preference and creates gallons and gallons of stock and keeps in your refrigerator for months.  I’ve used it only so far on the chicken paprikash I made on Monday night but so far its a real winner.stock
  5. Brown sweater…I already really love this brown sweater that I got a great deal on.  It’s a fake wrap sweater in dark brown and reminds me a bit of the one my mom always wears (though hers is black). brown sweater
  6. Photo collage book of our trip…I used Collage.com (as seen on Groupon) to get a great, customized photo book of Bryan and my latest trip to Tahiti and New Zealand.  The book came out just as I wanted, looking more like a vintage magazine than a traditional photo book.  Will make for a great coffee table book and something I’ve already got much enjoyment out of looking at.collage
  7. New Sonicare… toothbrushes for both Bryan and I.  These clean better than anything I have ever tried in my entire life.  I think even better than the dentist’s office.  It even comes with some UV cleaner thing that I don’t know how to use.sonicare
  8. Holey Jeans…I miss having distressed/destroyed jeans so much that I just got some real winners from Forever 21 surprisingly.  I’ve been wearing these as much as I possibly can (weekends) since we got back from New Zealand.  So comfortable and I feel so carefree when I wear them.jeans


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