Valentine’s 4.0

This year was inevitably going to be a different Valentines Day; One, with recently getting engaged and Two, with recently being very sick.  I had originally told Bryan that this Valentine’s Day was mine to plan, and I had a great plan, until my week before had tanked.  Oh well, I still have that idea in my back pocket for another time.  So, we were to make any plans on the fly, and really, neither of us were too keen on doing anything elaborate this year despite the circumstances.

Friday night we were asked from our friend Jeff if he could bring us over dinner and hang out.  Well, I don’t know who ever turns down dinner brought over (that really never happens) so of course we said yes.  This turned out to be a really awesome night.  Our extremely quiet friend Jeff has taken a liking to Bryan and I for some reason we do not know.  He has opened up more to us than any of his other friends in Seattle that we know of.  The last time he came over he spent the night.  And this visit was no different.  He brought us over delicious chili, cornbread muffins and salad.  It felt so good on my throat.  We watched some TV, drank beers, and chatted and then he broke out his guitar.  He has never played for anyone (he said so himself) and he has recently had hardships with a girl and wrote 6 songs.  I am not lying when I say he was the best I have ever heard in person.  Fantastic guitarist, voice like an angel, and excellent songwriting skills.  Both Bryan and I were nearly crying.  It was so sweet and touching that he felt comfortable sharing that with us.  After that we watched more TV before going to bed pretty late, with Jeff in the guest room.  Lol.

Saturday morning, like last time, Jeff stayed at the house for the entire morning.  Bryan made blueberry and banana pancakes and eggs and we watched TV for some time.  Once Jeff finally left I had to get out of the house and it was sunny out (and 60 degrees)!  Bryan and I drove to Lake Washington, parked the Jeep and walked for about 2 hours along the lake and Seward Park.  It was really nice to be in the sun on the lake.  After the walk we stopped in Madison Park for Bryan to buy me a single red rose (to my urging for him not to run out the day of to get me flowers).  I love my single red rose.  That night we got take out Chinese to eat by our fireplace and were probably asleep by 10pm.  Very eventful.

Strolling along
Strolling along

Sunday morning was again absolutely beautiful.  Bryan waited for me to get up and once I was up at 9:30 we decided to go to All Saints, our old church in Queen Anne.  We haven’t been since probably June of last year.  We are so glad we did.  It was comforting, familiar, and such a great sermon too.  We drove to downtown, walked some around the market (which was so crowded), and then walked to Tom Douglas’ Home Remedy for some lunch.  I chose a great selection out of the salad bar and after lunch we played on their Pac Man machines and shuffle boards that we found upstairs.  We were home around 2pm, went for a walk around the neighborhood, did a few chores around the house, and then got all dolled up to go to the Capital Grille for a fancy steak dinner.

Bryan's Delmonico
Bryan’s Delmonico
My Tenderloin with lobster
My Tenderloin with lobster

The dinner at the Capital Grille was superb.  They gave us free valet, they had rose petals and tiny red hearts on our table, and they gave me another single red rose and a box of truffles when we paid our bill.  We got a fabulous bottle of Spanish red wine.  Bryan and I shared the prosciutto wrapped mozzarella and tomatoes appetizer.  Bryan got the 22oz porcini crusted Delmonico steak and I got the 10oz beef tenderloin with butter poached lobster tails ($51 each!) and some brussel sprouts with bacon to share.  We then sealed the deal with the flourless espresso chocolate cake with raspberries and whipped cream.  It was a very expensive dinner but thanks to my mystery dining it only set us back about $70.  We were at dinner for a full 2.5 hours and had not only a great meal but great conversation.  A definitely great end to our Valentine’s Weekend!


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