And right after such a nice weekend:  KABOOM!

I thought I was dying.  Work Monday was a royal drag.  I woke up with a sore throat and a little achy and tired (but who doesn’t Monday morning?) but Bryan graciously dropped me off at the doorstep of the office.  I managed my way through the day but only feeling sicker as the day progressed.  I made it to 5pm, left as quickly as I could, made a Thai chicken soup aiming for it to be spicy enough to burn off my throat, and quickly determined that there was no chance I was going into the office the next day.  Thus the saga begins.

Tuesday was THE WORST day.  It looked a little like this:

8am Acknowledge that Bryan is saying goodbye to me to go to work, fall back asleep

9am Open eyes just enough to pull together an email to send to work, fall back asleep

11am Wake up to consume a yogurt and watch one episode of Lilyhammer on Netflix, fall back asleep

2pm Wake up to consume a banana and watch one more episode of Lilyhammer, fall back asleep

6pm Wake up, ask Bryan when he is coming home, decide it will be too late for my next nap, make soup that I half consumed (my throat didn’t want to consume anything this day)…and fall back asleep

8pm Bryan is home!!!!  He takes my temperature, uh oh, 103.1, this is where we both start to freak out a little bit.  Bryan brought me home orange juice (which burns my throat) and a bearclaw donut (which scratched my throat but still went down nice enough…I needed sugar).  I stared into space at him for about an hour before I decided that it was bedtime for me, took Nyquil and another two Ibuprofen and prayed I’d wake up the next morning

I’m pretty certain that Wednesday would have progressed in much the same way as Tuesday did had I not gone to the doctor.  We couldn’t get a doc appointment until 1:30pm, which Bryan graciously made for me (I could not speak at all).  Bryan brought me four more donuts (of which he later ate 3!) and lozenges before he went to work.  He was home before 1pm to take me to my appointment where I was given a mask to wear in the clinic when I checked in for it.  The doc appointment was brutal, I hadn’t worn normal clothes, been out of the house, or sat upright for any length of time, and I sure didn’t want to there either.  Everyone was nice enough but I still had to wait 30 minutes for the doctor to see me.  He determined my case was severe enough to warrant a shot of antibiotics in my butt instead of swallowing horse pills, though he left out “the butt” part.  This shot was not pleasant and it certainly made me light-headed initially.  They made me wait in the room 10 minutes after to see any effects it might have on me.  Then I was good to go.  We stopped for soup at Specialty’s to take home and when we got back to the house I was super happy.  The soup also tasted so, so good.  I didn’t do much napping with Bryan home with me so I called it bedtime at the early hour of 8 and took my Nyquil and went upstairs.

I was told that I’d be noncontagious 24 hours after the shot.  Well, I was still pretty weak, achy, tired, and not talking right the next morning.  But I did stay awake all day.  I did get outside in the nearly 60 degree weather for a quick, but slow, walk around the block, and I did make spaghetti to fuel up the body.  I also washed all of the bedding because I don’t want Bryan getting sick.

I’m back at work and am definitely feeling better though I still feel like crap.  It feels like it has been weeks on not just days and I can’t believe tomorrow is Valentine’s day!  I’m not sure our plans because I said I was going to take care of Valentine’s and had a great plan for it but it involves activity, which will just not be happening.  At least I’m on the mend and it doesn’t seem like Bryan has gotten my germs.


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