Super Bowl Heartbreaker is what many Seattlites want to name Super Bowl 49.  Everyone knows the outcome of the game.  In no one’s right mind should the Seahawks have lost the game knowing that:

  1. Seahawks are up by 10 points in the 4th Quarter
  2. Seahawks have the ball on the Patriot’s 1 yard line with two downs to get in the inzone
  3. Seahawks have possibly the BEST person to run in a 1 yard touchdown

But alas, it was not meant to be apparently.  Some crazy person decides to pass for one yard, only to be expertly intercepted by the stupid Pat’s.  I used to like the Pat’s…I don’t anymore.  I used to like Brady, liked him being a Michigan alumni, nope, not anymore.  They broke my heart and will not be forgiven anytime soon.  It could have been such a perfect day but noooooooooooooooooooo.

I'll cheers to a Seahawks touchdown anytime.
I’ll cheers to a Seahawks touchdown anytime.

But the day was pretty awesome for many reasons:

  1. Had 14 people over for the Super Bowl, 14 of my closest friends in Seattle
  2. Made delicious green chili chicken enchiladas, refried beans and Spanish rice
  3. Friends brought over buffalo dip, pigs in a blanket, homemade plantain chips, cheese platters, veggies and dip, smoked salmon spread, and buffalo cauliflower bites
  4. Had to search five stores for Skittles
  5. Had to search five stores for jello shot cups
  6. Spent three hours making Seahawks jello shots with Polly
  7. Had everyone take one jello shot at kickoff
  8. Had everyone take another jello shot every Seahawks touchdown (3 shots in total)
  9. Shots were delicious flavors of berry, lime and a middle pina colada layer
  10. Bryan made super strong margaritas in our mason jar dispenser
  11. Several friends got drunk
  12. First time I have ever seen Polly drunk…almost had her for an overnight guest
  13. Got to show off my ring and tell stories of the engagement and vacation
  14. Had printed out game/commercial bingo for friends to play and that was a hit
  15. Also took score predictions from everyone at the party for the person who guesses closest
  16. Had a Seahawks t-shirt and a package of Skittles for each winner of the aforementioned games
  17. Great half time show by Katy Perry
  18. Friends stayed way late after the game to talk and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos to mitigate our pain and hurt

    Beautiful and delicious!
    Beautiful and delicious!

It was indeed a pretty good day, despite the loss.  And thanks to our friends we have a fridge stocked with champagne and they cheered and celebrated our engagement even after the game was over to make everyone happy again.  We are still happy and I can hardly wait until football starts again in September!


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