It is so good to be back!

We are very happy to be back in Seattle and so far we have had a great welcoming home and have eased back into everyday life.  It helps that the past two days have been 60 degrees and sunny!  Especially since the days preluding these I had to work.

We were greeted with an awesome surprise left for us at home from our friends Billy, Valerie, and Polly.  Our house was decorated with streamers, balloons, a “Congratulations” banner, peanut m&ms, a Seattle Bride and Groom magazine, and a towel animal on our bed.  It was the best surprise and we wouldn’t have been up for a surprise party when we got home, but this was perfect.  Thursday night was made even better with our favorite Thai food from our favorite Thai restaurant, enjoyed on our couch and with an early bedtime.




Friday and Saturday I worked and really struggled through the days really needing some sleep.  After frozen pizzas and Guardians of the Galaxy from Redbox I only lasted until about 8pm on Friday night before waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.  Ugh!  Then Saturday I was able to get in a gentle yoga class (first time in ages) during the middle of the “work day” and was made a chicken and rice casserole for dinner by the boy.  But Sunday was just the day I was looking for.  Slept in until 11am, made breakfast of banana pancakes and eggs and coffee with the boy, went for our 6 mile run together (we both struggled but made it through), picked up groceries, did all of the laundry, cleaned the house, unpacked all of the bags, fixed the garbage disposal, and made dinner for Polly of grilled steaks, asparagus, cilantro lime potatoes, and strawberry feta salad.  It was so good to see Polly…and she was the first person I told of being in my wedding!!!!!  I love how excited she is for both of us.  She was feeling so excited about it that she felt the need to say grace at the dinner table.  Love her!

Now back for a full week of work…but now my mind is on next weekend and the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!



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