Food Delivery: Round 3

Our trials of local food delivery is continuing.  First we tried the CSA, Full Circle, and had more fresh fruits and vegetables than two people could ever eat.  Then we tried the meal prep, Blue Apron, and had three restaurant quality meals packed and ready for us to make.  Now, we have another discounted offer to try another CSA, Pacific Coast Harvest.  From LivingSocial, for about $30, we are receiving three standard (medium-size) boxes of the Washington Box (local fruits and veggies).  And boy did our first box produce!

Like the other CSA box, Pacific Coast Harvest allow you to customize your box based on preferences from their selection of what is in season.  Thus, my box included:

  • Three cameo apples
  • Three gala apples
  • Bunch arugula
  • One large hass avocado
  • Bunch gold beets
  • Bunch kale
  • One pound of leeks
  • Three D’Anjou pears
  • One rutabaga
  • One bunch spinach
  • One butternut squash

And what did I use these fine ingredients in:

  • Beef tagine with butternut squash (excellent!)
  • Roasted root vegetables with the leg of lamb and a yogurt dipping sauce with Billy and Valerie
  • Kale caesar salad (love these!)
  • Spinach and arugula salad with pear, dried fruit and goat cheese
  • One size bowl of guacamole for me and the boy while watching the seahawks
  • Leek and spinach breakfast hash topped with a fried egg
  • Apples and pears as is

    Beef and butternut squash tagine.
    Beef and butternut squash tagine.

I liked the size of this box better than the mega box we got at Full Circle but I do think that Full Circle’s produce is a bit fresher and better packaged.  I think it helps that Full Circle delivers theirs at night when it is cold out whereas Pacific Coast’s package came around 6pm at night.  We get two more bags which are on hold until we get back from New Zealand, which should be pretty good timing for needing more food!


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