While He’s Away…She Will Play

So these past two weeks Bryan has had to work 2nd shift.  The last time it was royally miserable even though it came at an okay time because I was in the last few weeks of studying for my PE exam but I really didn’t get to see him but on the weekend, and then he was doing his BOEALPS all day Sunday.  This time was a bit different.  Knowing that we have our vacation coming up and will be spending every waking minute together while overseas, it has been okay, letting me get together with some of my friends a bit more, I’ve had several happy hours for work, and getting all my errands done, etc.  Let’s take a look at the wild and crazy things I have been up to with all this newfound freedom I have at night:

  • Happy Hour at Fado’s for the Sound Transit holiday get together
  • FareStart per usual featuring Whole Foods Market with delicious ahi spring rolls and duck with roasted root vegetables and caramel chocolate tarts

  • Baked Marika her birthday cake thistiramisu cake for the Italian

    Tiramisu cake for Marika and Tammy (our resident engineer), hence the M T initials.  This was delicious!
    Tiramisu cake for Marika and Tammy (our resident engineer), hence the M T initials. This was delicious!
  • Christmas movie night with Pollyanna
  • Getting my passport ordered and my scooter finally registered under my name ($$$)
  • AnotherFareStart starringAldstadt with a very festive menu of goose and applecrepinette (note: I realized I don’t like goose) with red cabbage puree and potato and mushroom croquettes (however, I do like croquettes), salad with shaved smoked pork loin, and chestnut mousse stolen

    More game...this time the German way.
    More game…this time the German way.
  • Company happy hour meet and greet with McMillen employees at Pike Pub and Brewery (cheers to their XXX Stout)
  • A few early morning barre classes to kick my booty into gear
  • “I’m Dreaming of a White Russian Christmas” party office potluck at the 1st Ave office
  • Made twice-baked potatoes for said potluck and all were eaten…even with the full on feast we had
  • Learning guitar chords and how to strum (only 1x)
  • Gift wrapping packages

And now it is over, the two weeks are over…and Christmas is near.


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