Obligatory Impatience

Despite the busyness of the holidays, its a likely story that I am starting to lose focus, or more like focus is starting to wander towards Christmas and New Zealand.


So how is that going for me:

  • Changing our Tahiti resort to the InterContinental most likely because of the resort size and activities offered there are greater compared to the Manava Suites
  • Finally got the family photos up in the living room
  • Have all of my presents ordered
  • Looking forward to wrapping my presents with Mom
  • Unbelievably lost my passport sometime since February (most likely during the move)
  • Spent a good deal of time looking for said passport, getting photos for new passport, and applying for new passport at passport agency at 8 in the morning
  • Spent a good deal of money ordering said passport and in the same morning finally registering my scooter and renewing its tabs
  • Wondering if the family might be inclined to get Chicago deep dish pizza upon arrival Dec. 23rd
  • Have plans set to meet up with a bunch of the girls from ELHS the day after Christmas, now really wishing that any of them had boyfriends or might pawn Bryan off to Chad or dad for the night
  • Saw pancakes made with Christmas ornaments and think that is just about the coolest thing and something I might have to try
  • Found more drink recipes featuring peppermint schnapps and chocolate liquor
  • The weather forecast is not looking good for snow to go snowmobiling or sledding
  • It hit 66 here yesterday and doesn’t feel anything like winter!
  • Bryan’s ankle is slowly, slowly recovering
  • I’m done with rain

    Too awesome!
    Too awesome!


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