Obligatory List

Well, we are officially on a countdown of T-minus three weeks until Bryan and I will both be in Michigan for Christmas.  I’m starting to get excited and it is starting to feel a bit like Christmas.  Yesterday after work Bryan and I drove the half mile needed to get to our local nursery, City People’s, to pick out our first Christmas tree together.  This turned out to be quite a pleasant experience with a super helpful and honest young boy who steered us towards a perfect 6 1/2′ Douglas Fir.  He fresh-cut it and wrapped it up and it fit easily in the Jeep.  We also bought a fresh wreath for the door, some new string lights and a Christmas star for the tree topper.  And it was their holiday open house so we got everything at 20% off!  After setting the tree up and putting all our fun ornaments on it, eating my pork with apples by the fire, I really felt in the Christmas spirit!keep-calm-3-weeks-to-go

And now I can focus on our stay in Michigan…and there is a good deal I am looking forward to while we are there:

  • Christmas Eve dinner with the Gpas
  • Christmas Eve service (at People’s?)
  • Bowling against the Krupps
  • Fire
  • Snowmobiling if we have snow
  • Sledding if we have snow
  • Meeting up with EL grads
  • Yoga (at Lululemon?)
  • Court One
  • Peppermint Schnapps and Christmas Vacation
  • Aladdin’s
  • Walk to Beaner’s
  • Group game with the family on Christmas
  • Drive around to find Christmas lights
  • Walk Sophie
  • Cook something with the family
  • Any live jazz, but not required
  • Wrap presents with Mom
  • Potential Mystery Box Challenge with Mom

And now I am off to my first of my holiday parties, at FareStart.  Looking forward to live jazz, tons of good food and drink, and maybe some gifts like we received last year!


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