Grateful For x25

25 Things on this 25th Day of November that I am grateful for:


  1. Supportive family
  2. Amazing boyfriend
  3. Stable job (especially amidst several layoffs of friends in the past two years)
  4. Strong and able body
  5. Freedom from ED
  6. Sunny weather this month
  7. Allowance to visit New Zealand and vacation for a month
  8. Our warm and cozy house
  9. Nearby friends to keep me sane
  10. Distant friends to keep me connected
  11. Farestart for so many reasons
  12. Turkeys
  13. Dr. Pol
  14. One month until Christmas
  15. My left eye
  16. Seahawks amidst a crappy college football season
  17. Free returns and exchanges
  18. Hummus
  19. Cast iron pans
  20. Marika when she is not out of the office on vacation
  21. Chocolate
  22. My leather scooter gloves
  23. Boyfriend’s acceptance of smelly farts
  24. Elastic waistbands
  25. Anything in walking distance


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