Busied Beats the Blues

With the wet weekend that was expected Bryan and I needed stuff to do to keep ourselves occupied and away from the blues.  We had a list of things that sounded like they would do the trick, in order of our top picks:

  1. Drive to watch a storm come in (if it happened)
  2. Go get drinks
  3. Seahawks vs. Cardinals
  4. Comedy/concert with Billy and Val
  5. Homemade pizza
  6. Museum of Flight
  7. Church
  8. Exercise

We kicked off the weekend with a bang!  After work on Friday I got my hair cut and facial (thanks Groupon!) before a night out with friends Billy and Val.  We got sushi at Moshi Moshi and then headed down the streets of Ballard to Conor Byrnes Pub for a night of bluegrass/folk music and beers (4). It was an amazing performance by their friends band and then a sultry group that followed them and definitely transitioned us from week to weekend.

Oh sushi
Oh sushi

Saturday was unexpectedly rain free and we were even greeted with some sunshine for much of the day.  I love those kind of surprises.  50 and sunny baby!  Bryan and I made brunch of hatch chile and sausage egg scramble.  I went for my weekly 6-miler (8) before heading out for the rest of the day.  We then drove down to the Museum of Flight to catch the last two hours of the museum’s opening hours (6).  Bryan, of course, toured me around and explained everything we were looking at, which made the visit a whole lot more interesting.  I sincerely enjoyed our time at the museum and was quite impressed with their exhibits, particularly the WWI and WWII exhibits.  After they closed at 5pm we drove to the Industrial District to grab an early dinner.  We stopped at Slim’s Last Chance for a good ol’ bowl of pork green chile.  After dinner we drove back to the same spot in Ballard to join our friends at The Noble Fir to celebrate Luis and Carina’s engagement.  We spent a solid three hours there socializing and I had two glasses of red wine before we moved to another cocktail bar, Hazelwood to continue the celebration (2).  I shared a Blood and Sand cocktail with Bryan before our friends decided to buy us each shots to keep us out until the bar closed at nearly 2am.

My bowlful of pork green chile with mamas lil peppers on top.
My bowlful of pork green chile with mamas lil peppers on top.

Sunday greeted me with a royal headache.  We were slow to arise on Sunday and felt that we were in no condition for church.  But we were in dire need of food so we set out to our local favorite brunch spot, Bing’s.  I chose what is now my usual, the open faced pulled pork topped with a fried egg on a sweet potato polenta cake.  Yum yum.  We watched some football, seated at the bar counter, while we were brunching.  The Seahawks we enjoyed from the comfort of our own home (3).  And we pulled off a persistent victory against the Cardinals, with the best record in the league.

Go Hawks!
Go Hawks!

Now jovial, we spent a solid 1-2 hours cleaning the casa thorougly.  Bryan made the bathroom sparkle!  We had our pizza dough resting on the counter and all the toppings prepped just as Polly came over.  They stretched the two pizza crusts out and topped the pizza (I just did the sauce and cheese) and I have to say the crust had the perfect crunch to it and was not at all doughy (my one pet peeve with homemade crusts usually) (5).  This was the easiest dough I have ever made, though we still need to work on getting the dough to rise just a bit more in the oven, and we might need a pizza stone!  The pizza was delicious though and we followed that up with ice cream and the movie Danny Deckchair, that I had never seen before but that is one of Polly’s favorites.  It was adorable and thoroughly enjoyable.  We love having Polly over, and thankfully she enjoys coming over!

Great homemade pizza!
Great homemade pizza!
A great Sunday night movie!
A great Sunday night movie!

Just a great weekend we had and the only thing we didn’t get on our list was to watch a storm…but we never got one.  It was sunny and warm the whole weekend through!!!!



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