Bryan and I both have had a sore throat and have been lethargic.  We don’t know what it is but Bryan started not feeling well at the beginning of last weekend and I got it Monday night.  Bryan actually took a day off of work on Tuesday and then I took my turn at home on Wednesday.  Thus this week and weekend has been anything but exciting.  We’ve been trying to heal.


  • Fires at night
  • Netflix documentary series like The West (each episode is 1.5 hrs)
  • Tom kha soup and noodles at Ti22
  • Chocolate mint tea
  • No workouts
  • A $15 pedicure funded by my NFL pick’em winnings
  • Homebaked banana bread with a nutella swirl
  • Much reading of The Boys in the Boat
  • First time attending church in forever
  • Break out a new 1000 piece puzzle
  • A few homemade dinners
  • No alcohol
  • Out to brunch on Sunday to try St. Clouds inMadrona (walked there)
    Cute St. Clouds for after-church brunch.
    Cute St. Clouds for after-church brunch.

    Spanish chicken I made Sunday night.
    Spanish chicken I made Sunday night.

I did feel better Thursday, just in time for an excellent night food running at FareStart with an exceptional menu by TRACE restaurant of kale soup, smoked cod and celery root salad, red wine braised short ribs with farro and kale, and poached pears with chai spiced cake and rum anglaise.  But then after I was knocked with the post-sickness sinus issues that held me captive.  Bryan worked all day Saturday which allowed me to rest and do a few things around the house.  Wins for Michigan, Texas, and the Seahawks helped pick things up.


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