New, New, New

New Exercises:

  • Tabata training at Lorna Jane on Monday kicked my butt…well my arm muscles for sure
  • Tried my first barre class down the street at Conscious Body Pilates last week
  • Don’t want to give up my weekly 6-mile runs yet
  • Lots of walking around town
  • Really wanting to play a pick up game of football or basketball, why is the season changing?

New Eatings:

  • We have an open can of pumpkin in the fridge now waiting to be made into more pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, or maybe pumpkin ravioli
  • I’m trying to remember to get some miso paste, mirin, turmeric, and coriander
  • Got the 4% Chobani plain greek yogurt to make a quick dip with honey for my fruit platter on Sunday and really love it (in small doses), its so creamy
  • Bryan ate all of the left over peanut butter frosting 😦
  • Crock pot is back in full swing
  • Trying to make three dinners a week
  • Really obsessed with Specialty’s Chinese Chicken Salad lately
  • I’m liking simple homemade salad dressings; fresh lemon juice and olive oil, balsamic and olive oil and of course a chopped avocado or some goat cheese in the salad always enhances the flavor and creaminess
  • Tis the season for pork, apples, potatoes, brussels
  • I’ve really been loving my rice bran oils for anything really but salads and things roasted in the oven
  • My new favorite beer found at Chuck’s Hop Shop:  Rogue Mocha Porter (yum!)
  • Favorite neighborhood bar; The Neighbor Lady had a fabulous maple whiskey steak on parsnip pureed with mustard greens…for $12!

New Purchases:

  • Two decanters to make my homemade coffee and chocolate liquors
  • Amy got me a new yoga bag
  • New winter headband with a flower crochet on
  • Chalkboard labels for various items in the kitchen: flour, sugar, brown sugar. etc.
  • I want a fall wreath for the door
  • Bright red lipstick and bronzer from H&M surprisingly
  • Curly hair enhancer spray for dry hair


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