28 Things to Do While I am 28


  1. Read 10 books
  2. Run a 10k
  3. Climb Mt. Adams
  4. Bike over 50 miles in one day
  5. Go salsa dancing
  6. Sing karaoke
  7. Kayak the San Juans
  8. Find waterskiing friends
  9. Reach out to old high school friends
  10. Do something artsy
  11. Learn 5 songs on the guitar
  12. Go somewhere fancy just for drinks
  13. Visit 10 restaurants off of my “Go-To” list
  14. Learn to make a signature drink
  15. Get above 150,000 on Ms. Pac Man
  16. Host a hotpot night
  17. Do yoga at least 50x
  18. Do 5 mystery box challenges
  19. Cook something with lamb
  20. Make a caramel
  21. Have an awesome garden
  22. Visit the Canadian Rockies
  23. Get back to the Olympic Peninsula
  24. Make homemade liquors
  25. Organize recipe collection
  26. Find a new church (or go to All Saints again)
  27. Make molten lava cakes
  28. Visit my brother


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