Falling Into Fall

It’s definite now…we have hit fall.  With one last great and hot weekend last week, then the first day of fall, it was literally the first day of fall here in Seattle.  Come Monday we were brought gray skies and drizzly rain, although we have had a few breaks during the day of sun, no rain, or even better, downpouring rain.  Boy do I get some good sleep with the rain and cooler temperatures at night though.

Tuesday was a rare Seattle torrential downpour; enter a fabulous romantic Italian dinner with Marika at La Fontana Siciliana where we shared their veal cannoloni with three colors of sauce, the chicken marsala, and the seasonal special salad with peaches, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella.  We then continued the romantic evening with a free screening of the documentary-like movie called Pride.

Wonderful veal cannolloni with three sauces.
Wonderful veal cannolloni with three sauces.

Wednesday was just an overcast and cool day; enter an early happy hour night out with friends Philipp and Sara, Ewelina and Stephan, and Luis and Carina at Tini Bigs in Queen Anne for their happy hour where everything on the menu (drinks and entrees) were only $6.50.  Bryan and I had the frites and the Hawaiian Cowboy steak with walla onions and chimichurri.  For cocktails I tried their TBD which was a smoky and spicy tequila drink and then their Spanish for dessert of homemade kahlua, 151, cinnamon, and other goodies.

Tini Bigs Cocktail
Tini Bigs Cocktail

Thursday brightened up in the afternoon; enter an end of summer BBQ at FareStart.  For our Guest Chef Night we had the restaurant decorated barnstyle and we all got to wear jeans and plaid/flannel.  To eat we had a creamy shrimp roumelade salad, pulled pork and ribs, with collard slaw, fried pickles and fresh biscuits, and a trio of pies.  OMG those pies.  Caramel apple, ginger, pear, chocolate peanut butter, and blueberry, coconut, pineapple.  All three were fantastic and the special event was a lot of fun!

Yup, this was good.  Apple, ginger pear pie.
Yup, this was good. Apple, ginger pear pie.

Saturday started with making brunch and watching college football.  We created a masterpiece of things found in the fridge/freezer; a hash of chicken apple breakfast sausage, red onion, roasted hatch chilies (from the package Mrs. Miller sent us), potatoes and topped with two sunnyside up eggs.  It was so delicious.  The game was so not delicious.  Thankfully I only watched 5 minutes of it.  Bryan and I drove to Lake Washington to get in a 6.5 mile run together from Mt. Baker Rowing Center, around Seward Park, and back to the car.  We were both feeling it in the joints afterwards.  Saturday night was my near-monthly get together with FareStart friends.  This time we celebrated Oktoberfest at Drew’s house and it was fantastic.  Drew made homemade pork sausages, and others made and brought spaetzle, German hot potato salad, braised red cabbage, pickled veggies, sauerkraut, and homemade soft pretzels.  We also had tons of Oktoberfest beers including my new favorite Elysian Punkuccino!!! (pumpkin + coffee in a beer).  We finished the night around Drew’s fire pit eating caramel apples, making smores and telling more stories.  Favorite people in Seattle!


Sunday was all in all uneventful.  I went to a free Barre class before coming home and making the exact same brunch.  We watched more football before finally setting off to run errands…Bryan’s errands.  We got him a new phone; he opted for the HTC One M8 over the Iphone 6 and switched over to Verizon from Sprint.  We hit TJ Maxx for athletic socks for both of us.  We walked to Pike Market to get a snack of pasta salad and a 1/2 Italian sandwich at Michou to take to the sunny park at the end of the Market to watch the sun setting and fell asleep in the park with guitarists playing tunes next to us.  We bought chocolate mint tea and smoked paprika from the Market Spice shop.  We stopped at Macy’s and got Bryan two new dress slacks, new dress/work shoes, and a new belt.  All very good deals.  We dined at our favorite Thai restaurant, now named Ti22, on our usual pad kee mao (3 stars, chicken, extra veggies) and panang curry until we were stuffed.  Then we bought tickets to Phoenix for Thanksgiving at home while sitting next to our gas fireplace.

We are those people that fall asleep in the park.
We are those people that fall asleep in the park.

Now back to work and the sun is trying to last for a few more days but it is cooler weather out there.


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