Fantastic Weekend at Home

What a fabulous weekend.  There was not much to really brag about, we didn’t do anything crazy, but it was so nice to have a weekend at home with a full weekend of amazing late summer weather!

Friday we started the weekend off right meeting in Columbia City for the fabulous Tutta Bella fig pizza with friend Ed and his friend.  The pizza and salad was so, so good.  We then walked next store to the Royal Room for a night of jazz.  This was THE BEST JAZZ he have heard in Seattle yet.  And two blues songs thrown in for an even better time.  Eugenie Jones was amazing, no cover, but we bought her CD.

Heaven on a pizza plate!
Heaven on a pizza plate!

Saturday morning Bryan and I both went for 6 mile runs.  It was miserable hot on Saturday and we both struggled with that.  Then we watched our football games, on at the same time, that was another struggle to get through.  Thank goodness we had each other.  We finished the evening with leftover Ezells and sides on the patio and watched the Joan Rivers documentary on Hulu, titled A Piece of Work, that we both loved so much!

Our setup with a horrible outcome!
Our setup with a horrible outcome!

Sunday morning we woke up earlier and Bryan made me breakfast of eggs, bacon, and banana pancakes.  We then drove to the Lake Washington waterfront for Bryan to do his long run of the weekend.  I ran with him along the lake 2.8 miles before heading back to finish a 5.6 mile run.  Bryan went on to run a total of 16 miles!  We had packed our swimsuits, tubes, and towels for an afternoon at the beach.  I went swimming!  Madrona Park has two large swimming platforms that I swam to and jumped from before blowing up the tubes and floating with Bryan.  It was super relaxing, warm water, and hot weather.  Perfect!  Sunday night we grilled steaks, I made a caprese salad using both my own grown heirloom tomatoes and my fresh basil, and more leftover sides.  We again ate outside.  We finished the weekend watching Sunday Night Football and then the movie Bad Words that we picked up from Redbox.

Madrona Park on a beautiful Sunday!
Madrona Park on a beautiful Sunday!
Bryan's favorite caprese ever!
Bryan’s favorite caprese ever!

I feel so relaxed this Monday morning and ready for the week ahead.


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