12th Man Merrymaking

Thursday night marked two significant occasions for us:

  1. Housewarming party
  2. Seahawks season opener

This was the first time most all of our friends have seen our house, the first party in our new house, and the first game of the 2014-15 season for the Super Bowl winning Seahawks.  And we went all out with the opportunity to host this grand occasion.

SEAHAWKS...fried chicken!
SEAHAWKS…fried chicken!

It started on Wednesday night.  We prepped food, we cleaned, we staged the most ultimate outdoor game-watching experience.  I’ve never made as large of portions of food.  I used 4 lbs of potatoes, 4 lbs of green beans, 12 ears of corn, 2 lbs of dried beans, 2 large watermelons. and two gallons of iced tea.  Bryan spent about 3 hours setting up the backyard/deck.  We brought out all of our chairs and old coffee tables.  We had his TV hooked up with a new antenna for the game.  We strung up our new string lights.  We extended my table fully to hold all the food.  We vacuumed, swept, cleaned the floors, and washed all the dishes.  And then we anxiously waited no more than 24 hours.

And they came…

We had a total of 25 people come over for the game.  Fortunately, most were enough of a Seahawk fan to arrive at the start of the game.  A few had other commitments and arrived more around halftime. Bryan picked up the Ezell’s fried chicken (60 pieces) and rolls (30) at 5pm.  My dishes came out of the oven right at kickoff.  We filled up that table.  I made crockpot baked beans, Grandma’s cheesy potatoes, southern style green beans, and a corn casserole.  Everyone really enjoyed the food and thankfully most of the sides were finished by the end.  Others brought bowls of skittles, chips and salsa and queso, pistachios, cookie bars, seahawk cupcakes.

The only picture I took all night.  The "before" of the dinner spread.  I should have really taken more pics, especially of the outdoor setup.
The only picture I took all night. The “before” of the dinner spread. I should have really taken more pics, especially of the outdoor setup.

And the Seahawks won, 26-16 in a very good and impressive showing of both offense and defense!  The game ended around 9 and our last guests left at 10.  House was back in order by 11 and you would have never known a party had happened…except for how full our trash and recycling bins are!  Great success and a lot of fun.


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