House Chores

Last week we finished up the last items around the house to be ready for the multiple night visit of Bryan’s parents.  This was not a particularly easy task as we have still been way busy with social activities throughout the week.  But let’s take a look of the progress that we made…


Still on the To-Do List:

  • Sand and paint Bryan’s tables (yeah this was not high priority)
  • Clean the surface of my dining table
  • Unpack all decorations
  • Find locations for all decorations
  • Take a load to Goodwill
  • Pick up my bike from the repair shop (also not high priority but watch them sell it live Steve sold my table and chairs)
  • Find a new bed frame for the master
  • Figure out the patio table and chairs solution
  • Figure out how to get rid of our racoon that visits our front stoop nightly and scares the bejusus out of us (hasn’t been heard in about a week)

And on top of that we:

  • Broke down all of the cardboard boxes to have the recycling truck pick up (took about 2 hrs)
  • Donated Bryan’s old couch (this was a chore and a half)
  • Organized the bookcase in the living room
  • Made my second dinner (the chicken and mushroom dijon, mashed potatoes and asparagus from my French cooking class)
  • Baked banana bread for Bryan’s parents (and us)
  • Did a whole bunch of laundry
  • Set up the new bedframe with Bryan (finished that after midnight)
  • Set up the bathrooms
  • Vacuumed
  • Sweeped and swiffered
  • Killed an army of ants in the kitchen (eww)
  • Watered multiple times
  • Hung up two picture frames
  • Got a lot more hand towels and washclothes


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