Support for Food

Sometimes you have to support others for your lunch.  Last year I became a Squareholder.  The owner of the best homemade Italian pasta lunch spot was raising money through Community Sourced Capital to open a Roman style pizza spot in Pioneer Square.  And I wanted to be apart of it.  CSC is really cool in how it works, whatever you donate to fund the campaign you get back once the business has made the profit to do so.  I contributed my $100 (2 shares) to become a Squareholder.  On Monday Pizzeria Gabbiano will be open for business.  This week they were treating their Squareholders to a free lunch to preview the new pizza restaurant.

Dough in action.
Dough in action.
Serving in action.
Serving in action.

I loved it!  The atmosphere is awesome, a small little eatery with a long window seat and one long community table.  There is a water station and you can purchase house wine by the glass in little Italian glasses.  And the pizza is unique to others in Seattle.  They are doing the classic Roman style pizza on large rectangular crusts that are more like focaccia or ciabatta than pizza dough that are salty and delicious and that I distinctly remember from my travels to Rome.  Then they are topping these baked doughs with all sorts of amazing.  During our lunch they had four to try.  A zucchini, corn, ricotta pie, a proscuitto and fennel pie, a potato and rosemary pie, and the best was the anchovie, caper, and cauliflower pie.  The toppings were fresh and inventive and the crust had that perfect bottom crunchy crust that is so amazing.  Bellisimo. They also had three salads to try.  I tried their summer bean salad and their cucumber, melon, and mint salad.  Both were delightful.  I settled with water as I had to go back to work but did take a half cookie that were thing wafers sandwiching a caramel innard.

Two slices of pizza, salads and a cookie.  Yummy!
Two slices of pizza, salads and a cookie. Yummy!

What a great lunch and the famous chef Mike Easton let me take a box of pizza and salad to go for lunch tomorrow.  And must have thanked everyone at least 10 times.  I felt pretty special!


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