USA Week!

To kick off the beginning of the 4th of July America week, we had the USA World Cup game.  Doning USA colors our entire trailer headed to the Garage for food on the patio, watching the game, and playing pool during slow times.  We had a great time even though the US was not able to pull off a win.  Tuesday night tennis doubles ensued after work with new Tauber friends who play tennis.

Pool time at the Garage
Pool time at the Garage

Wednesday was cleaning day at the homestead. First, I went to the FareStart Community Dinner where they were serving up American classics like BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, potatoe salad, and mini apple pies and rice krispie treats.  Then I had SO MUCH FUN at the Lee House.  We cleaned that baby good (from 6pm-midnight) and I finished moving the last few items to the basement to store.  Did I also mention that cleaning day was around 90 degrees.  Dying!

Thursday I was so exhausted from the whole cleaning nonsense the night before that I was seriously done by 3pm.  Bryan and I managed to walk to Eastlake Bar and Grill for beers and food (Black Butte Porters and their grilled chicken chop chop salad for me) on their patio in the sun.  We packed our bags for an epic weekend and got to bed relatively early.

Al fresco dining at its finest!
Al fresco dining at its finest!

On to the Fourth…



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