A Place to Call Home

I am now most definitely obsessed with the housing search and equally frustrated.  We have had three strong possibilities now and three fall through the cracks:

  1. Super cheap rent saver duplex but still nice in Capitol Hill
  2. Very nice rooftop patio in Fremont and a loss of $500
  3. Extremely perfect two bedroom duplex in Montlake Terrace

The third hit the hardest and right now the options aren’t great.  I have hopes that in the next week or two we will start seeing a lot more posted because residents would have to give two weeks notice to end their lease by August 1st and the next two weekends I have plans to be out of town so our searches will have to be mostly during the week.  Through our search so far I have learned that Bryan and I are on 100% the same page in terms of what we want.  So hopefully we can find something that comes close (Montlake Terrace had it all for us):

  1. Access to the outdoors (patio, deck, garden, etc)
  2. A kitchen I want to cook in
  3. A space to entertain, meaning mostly a designated dining room
  4. Enough storage and closet space for our gear and clothes
  5. Two bedrooms (this is the least important of all but a part of me feels like I need this and want it for my parents when they come to visit)
  6. Dishwasher, washer and dryer
  7. Location, obviously
  8. No oil heating

Here’s to our continued search and hoping to find a place to call home in the next months time.



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