Farewell Lee Street

My house!
My house!

Oh I am really feeling sad to be leaving my house on Lee St.  It is a bit surreal.  I don’t think that I have lived anywhere continuously for as long as I have lived in this house since I was in high school living in my parent’s house.  And let me tell you, I have been ridiculously spoiled living in this house in Seattle.  Every place I have seen so far is too expensive, too small, too dirty, or too little character.  I cannot picture myself going back to apartment style living.  I get a feeling of claustrophobia as soon as I enter an apartment building, no matter how nice or new the building is.  I want my stunning view from my bedroom, living room, and deck.  I want to continue to have my weekend coffee in the sun on my balcony in my chaise loungers.  I want to have my roommates there to hang out with after work.  I want to have my garden to plant things in.  I want to have a large deck to BBQ and eat out this summer.  But instead I am aggravatingly searching the web for anything that can even partially meet those needs.  I’m helping my roommates pack up their belongings.  And for a month it looks like I will have all of my belongings stored in the Lee house and will take my clothes over to Bryan’s house.  Should be a super fun July!  I might as well go camping.  Too bad tickets to Michigan are $600+ right now.


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