Mr. Miller

Bryan’s dad had a pleasant visit with us from Thursday through Tuesday afternoon.  It was nice and fairly relaxing, probably a little more so than Bryan was hoping for, but still great.

Thursday night they semi-surprised me by dining at FareStart.  I got to socialize with them quite a bit, bring them some free glasses of wine, and sit with them through the student’s graduation.

Friday after work I joined them for dinner.  We picked up our favorite Thai from Fish Cake Factory to bring back to dine on my deck with a glass of wine.

My little ole' view.
My little ole’ view.

Saturday morning after we slept in we walked to Louisa’s Cafe down the street from Bryan’s house.  As usual the fare was just okay but we got the opportunity to talk for awhile.  Bryan and I then rode my scooter over to check out a potential house for us.  Saturday night Bryan, Polly, and I used a team effort to get dinner on the table.  Bryan and Polly worked on the linguine, making a double batch (probably about 4 lbs of pasta).  In the meantime I worked on the carbonara, salad, and the chicken (for Polly) and scallops.  We had tons of pasta and it came out really good.  The scallops turned out well, were really fresh, and went with the pasta well.  Bryan’s dad really enjoyed my roommates and we had very good conversation throughout dinner, that started at 10pm and finished at midnight.

The resulting carbonara with scallops, roasted cauliflower and mushrooms.
The resulting carbonara with scallops, roasted cauliflower and mushrooms.
Better looking than tasting but still good crab cake bennie with fruit at Louisa's Cafe.
Better looking than tasting but still good crab cake bennie with fruit at Louisa’s Cafe.

After a great three hours of sleep we woke up at 4:30 on Sunday morning to go fishing.  We were meeting our fishing captain at the Shilshole Marina in Ballard at 6 am.  We stopped at QFC to pick up sandwiches, apples, and coffees for each of us.  We fished from 6 am to 1 pm and only caught about six fish.  A mix of Chinook salmon, dogfish sharks, and a mud flapper.  It was a bummer we weren’t catching more but it was still a gorgeous day to be on a boat and on the water.  When filling up with gas in Kingston we walked ashore to get ice cream.  We watched and slept through the US soccer game before I split ways to go home and get some things done on my own.  Early bedtime for me.

The first dogfish of the day.
The first dogfish of the day.
After catching the 2nd dogfish.
After catching the 2nd dogfish.
Bryan's first Chinook.
Bryan’s first Chinook.

Monday after work I walked next door to join them for Lon’s 2nd visit to Annapurna.  We shared three dishes (discovering another favorite, the Jaipur curry) and THREE garlic naans.  I was stuffed.  We then drove to the first game against the visiting Red Sox that the Millers really despise.  The Mariner’s demolished the Red Sox last night winning 12-3.  Seager and Morrison were really hitting well and it was my first time getting to see Cano play.  There were a ton of Red Sox fans there that made the win even sweeter.

At the ball park.
At the ball park.


It was a nice night at the ball park and a great end to Lon’s visit.  Bryan dropped him off at the airport Tuesday morning.


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