Change Up

Thursday’s change up was volunteering at the FareStart Gust Chef Spectacular, their annual foodie and wine event to raise money for the program.  I was bussing which basically came down to clearing peoples little plastic plates and snagging as many samples as I possibly could…I was good at this job.  In my four hour shift I was able to taste:  crab cakes with aioli and topped with fresh crab claw, margarita shrimp, smoked oysters on crackers, marinated steak, kimchi spicy shrimp, steaming nettle soup with smoked salmon, mushroom crostini, grilled boar sausage with spicy mustard, shrimp slider, lamb meatball on couscous, strawberry gazpacho, lavendar ice cream milkshake, and mini peanut mousse tartlets.

I was insanely stuffed after my event and it was quite toasty in the Showbox because it was PACKED.  Surprisingly my favorite bite of the night was the strawberry gazpacho.  It was sweet and salty, creamy yet light, and cold.  And it came from my celebrity chef idol Carrie Mashaney who went very far in Top Chef New Orleans, and who I absolutely adore not only for her talent but also because she is so sweet and adorable.

My cooking idol!
My cooking idol!

Friday night offered Bryan and I our usual dinner date night.  This time we went to the Italian restaurant Radici, in Pioneer Square, for dinner and wine.  My dinner was excellent and the restaurant was cute and romantic but very, very slow service.  After dinner by ourselves, we met up with some of our friends for a movie at SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) in Queen Anne, for Intramural, a movie featuring two of our friends old classmates and who were part of the Whistler crew this past year.  It was an entertaining movie that I would relate very much to Dodgeball.

My herb roasted chicken dish came with amazing fiddlehead ferns.  So yummy!
My herb roasted chicken dish came with amazing fiddlehead ferns. So yummy!

Saturday and Sunday were identical.  They were both beautiful, I ran in the morning, looked at apartments and houses in the afternoon, and then hung out in the evening.  Saturday night Bryan and I picked up our favorite Thai on my scooter before eating on the deck and watching Monuments Men with Polly.  Sunday I raced in the Shore Run 5k with my office.  I came in at 29 minutes exactly, which I was very proud of.  Sunday night Polly, Brittany, and I got dressed up to sneak into the SIFF closing gala party at the MOHAI.  We easily got in, got bracelets for two drinks, and danced and ate all of the hand passed food.  And after a run the food was great; sweet and sour chicken meatballs, glazed pork skewers, coconut fish bites with tartar, fried butternut squash ravioli, chocolates and ice cream.  We did a lot of dancing!

Movie time.
Movie time.
A few drinks in at SIFF Gala.
A few drinks in at SIFF Gala.

Back to work 😦



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