Top Ten of May

Wow what a month that May was.  A good one I would say.  Take a look:

1.  Michigan Graduation

I was so fortunate to be able to spend a wonderful long weekend with my family to celebrate my brother’s graduation from the University of Michigan College of Engineering.  I was so happy and proud of him, especially because I could tell that he was so happy for the job and move that he landed.  As a family we had a great celebratory weekend in Ann Arbor with good food, laughs, ceremonies, and a kegger party to top it off.  It was also fun for me to be back in my old stomping grounds and took me back to my graduation and preparation for move and the beginning of my career three years ago.

Family photo!
Family photo!

2.  Cooking Class Continues

Armenian, Russian, Pasta Making, French.  Those were the cuisines that we studied the month of May in my cooking class.  Pasta making was the most educational and I think set me up for many, many delicious homemade pasta experiments in my future.  I really loved the Russian course and have since made the beef stroganoff for friends.  And the French and Armenian each had their own great dishes that I look forward to using in my future.   I’ve really enjoyed this class this spring and sad that it is almost over.


3.  Mariner’s Games X2

I got to attend to Mariner’s games so far this season, both in the month of May.  The first was against the Kansas City Royals and I could have cared less about the game but the beer and brats event was really fun.  The second game was against my Detroit Tigers on a beautiful Saturday night with my favorite coworkers.  The Tigers lost but the game was a good one and the night was a blast.

Tigers vs. Mariners!
Tigers vs. Mariners!

4.  Gardening

I finally got the time and initiative (and pleasant weather) to work in my garden.  I picked up fresh seed packets for butter lettuce, beets, basil, and parsley and planted those.  I have just recently seed the seedlings take.  I also purchased four tomato starts, that although still growing, I think I might have planted a little too prematurely because they look a little stressed.  Now I will just need to get some planters so that I can take my plants with me when I move!

Grow baby grow!
Grow baby grow!

5.  Sushi Party with Friends

My FareStart friends like to get together on about a monthly basis and have a party…centered around what we all know best, food.  This month we had a sushi making party that was outstanding.  We each contributed food items and $5 for all of the fresh fish and chef friend Hugo made all of our rolls.  I prepped carrots, cucumber and asparagus for the rolls, brought ripe avocados and miso soup.  The spread was phenomenal and everything was so delicious…especially that tempura!!

Amazing right?
Amazing right?

6.  Last Seattle Rep Play

Bryan and I really enjoyed each and every play at the SeattleReperatory Theater that we got to attend this season for only $5.  We got to attend five plays and the last one was a good one.  Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf was entertaining, funny, long, dramatic, and intense.  We got to go on a Friday night and again we had nearly front row seats.  Bryan didn’t care for the theme but I loved the cast and humor.

Awesomely entertaining!
Awesomely entertaining!

 7.  Macklemore Dinner Gala

What I dressed up for was a fun and fancy dinner out with Bryan and construction friends for a benefit gala for Construction for Change.  What I got out of the event was good wine and food and possibly a once-in-a-lifetime chance at dining with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  I was starstruck and in awe and instantly highlighted the night for me.  But it was also super fun to have an opportunity to get all gussied up for a night.

Don't we look good?
Don’t we look good?

8.  Becoming Licensed

Passing my PE was great relief for me.  I had spent weeks studying pretty intensely for the exam and following weeks stressing about whether or not I did well enough to pass.  On Tuesday, May 22nd I received an email indicating that I had passed my exam.  Celebration ensued and all stress and worrying instantly vanished.  Now I will never have to take that exam ever again!

I will get this!
I will get this!

9.  Memorial Day BBQ

To culminate our Memorial Day weekend Bryan and I hosted several friends over to his house for a BBQ on a gorgeous day off of work.  What we thought would be five people turned into fourteen.  There was smoked meats by Bryan, side dishes by me, dessert and beer galore by others.  I had a great time eating and drinking but it was also fantastic to be able to see a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in a while and meet Bryan’s lead at work, both who respect one another whole heartedly.

Bryan's meats
Bryan’s meats

10.  Bike Riding

Since we have had such amazing weather this May I really took the Bike to Work month seriously, well at least the 2nd half.  My ride commute was about 50% for the month but I had a couple long rides in there and a couple long rides on my weekends that don’t count too.  Bryan and I had a great 24 mile bike ride along Lake Washington for a picnic and I’ve biked to my cooking class the past three weeks that is about 15 miles round trip.  I really love my bike and I really love biking non-hills.


Hope that June is as great as May!


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