A New Me

I really feel like I have turned a new leaf just in the past couple of weeks.  There are a lot of things in my life that I have switched up or added that are all for the better!

  1. Working out.  This whole morning routine has really changed me (thus far…two weeks in).  Never in my life have I done that but I love it.  I have also really enjoyed the Jillian Michael’s videos (I don’t have to listen to her because Bryan’s rowing machine makes a whishing sound).  But I feel rejuvenated, I feel full of energy, I feel healthier, I am excited to share a “hobby” with Bryan, I’m happy to support him with his goal (as that is the reason I am doing this in the first place), I like going to bed a bit earlier, and I feel like I have entered that next stage in my recovered life; where I am no longer just okay with my body but actually really enjoying its renewed strength and shape, and doing good by it, and at the same time enjoying it.  It feels so refreshing!
  2. Reading.  I am trying to find time when I can read again.  It might just be my usual ploy to find hobbies and activities to distract me from studying but instead of turning on Hulu or Netflix (when Bryan is not there) I open up my book.  And it helps that I am reading a really good book that is also 600 pages so I am trying to get through that hefty thing before the library cuts me off.
  3. Cooking.  I’m still eating out a lot, doing FareStart, setting up SEAW happy hours and such but the nights that I am free and don’t have anything on the calendar I have taken advantage of to experiment a bit in the kitchen.  It’s really nice to be able to walk by QFC on my way home from work to get what I need and have a great dinner at home without that much hassle or planning.  I’ve made tacos, pork loin, bruschetta, and meatloaf the past couple weeks…I know nothing mind-blowing but it is the thought and action that counts.
  4. Makeup.  It has been years since I have swapped foundation and concealer and in the past week I made the big change to do it.  Stopping in Sephora to purchase my usual Bare Minerals, I spotted the Clinique display and tried on a past favorite.  I was surprised by how much I liked it.  I had to test it though.  Liquid foundation lately has caused my skiing to break out (where I don’t normally get breakouts) and made me skeptical of them on my skin.  But this one passed the test.  Not only did I like the feel and the looks but it also didn’t irritate my skin.  I was pleasantly surprised and bought both the Even Better Foundation and their Concealer stick to replace my used-up Bare Minerals powder makeup.  I think a makeup change is good every once in a while.

Change feels good!


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