Farestart: Teatro Zinzanni Style #2

I’ve been doing FareStart guest chef nights for about a year now and am starting to see repeat chefs/restaurants.  By the far the most attending nights are those by the theatrical production company that does cabaret dinners called Teatro Zinzanni.  Their first one was Alice in Wonderland themed and this time the theme was Dr. Seuss.  Take a look at this whimsical menu.

An Evening of Seussarialoptificuous Cuisineaology

Green Eggs and Ham: Prosciutto ‘Cup’ with Basil Butter Poached Quail Egg, Baby Spinach and Shredded Sage Derby


Ten Apples on Top: Roasted Brandy Apple Stacks with Arugula, Red Oak Leaf Lettuce, Dried Apple, Applewood Smoked Cheddar, and Shaved Granny Smith Apples in an Apple Cider Vinaigrette


The Grinch Who Stole Christmas ‘Who Roast Beast’: Local Natural Lamb Chops with Blackberry-Tarragon Chutney Served with Purple and White Asparagus and a Layered Rice Tower


The Great Butter Battle: Vanilla Butter Cookies Layered with Cherry Butter Cream in the Cat’s Hat with Thing 1 & 2 White Chocolate Peanutbutter Cups (no picture but I guarantee the peanut butter cups were amazing)

Everything was tasty, especially the peanut butter cups.  I wore stripes, as that was the only thing I could really think of that would be like Dr. Suess and not take a lot of planning or creativity but a lot of people dressed up which was fun.  It was a fun night…and a late one!


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